Gujarat has a huge contribution in BJP coming to power. Gujarat was called the laboratory of Hindutva by the media people. Gujarat is the first state where BJP came to power and in the era of 1980s when BJP had only two Members of Parliament, one of them was from Mehsana. Here’s a surprising fact on how BJP came to power in Gujarat.

Gujaratis Were Living In Jihadi Terror

Notorious mafia don Abdul Latif was a crucial factor in bringing BJP to power in Gujarat. If Abdul Latif was not there, BJP would never have come to power. Abdul Latif was so notorious don that he was the first one to use AK-56 to kill more than 150 people including 12 policemen, in which Radhika Gymkhana Murder (in 1992) became very famous. Latif fired indiscriminately at Radhika Gymkhana Club and killed 35 people simultaneously. This fearful don Latif had blessings of both Congress and Janata Dal. Latif’s audacity was so much that he used to go to Chief Minister Chiman Bhai Patel’s chamber without appointment. Latif earned billions of rupees in smuggling gold, silver, smuggling drugs, etc. with benefits to the anti-national political leaders for secretly (underground) supporting him. If Latif or any henchman of Latif’s gang liked a Hindu girl, then she was picked up overnight. Hindus lived in terror then.

Movie ‘Raees’ was loosely based on Adbul Latif was an attempt by SRK/Bollywood to glorify the Jihadi gangster.

BJP’s Commitment To Gujaratis

Narendra Modi, Shankar Singh Vaghela, Keshubhai Patel used to roam around wearing slippers on cycle scooter. One day in the mid 1990s there was a BJP meeting in Gomtipur, while giving a speech, Keshubhai Patel in full josh said that if the Bharatiya Janata Party government is elected, then Abdul Latif’s encounter will be done. After speaking, he was scared, his security was increased but in entire Gujarat, a message went to the public that after all, which party people are talking about countering him in the stronghold of the dreaded gangster Abdul Latif and after this speech of Keshubhai Patel, when elections were held, BJP got 35 seats in Gujarat. Which was a huge victory in itself, after that BJP opened a front against Abdul Latif and his henchmen and in the next election, BJP formed a government of full majority and according to his promise, Shankar Singh Vaghela got Abdul Latif’s encounter done.

Abdul Latif’s encounter also took place in a very loud way, DSP Jadeja Sahab came in front of Shankar Singh Vaghela and said, “Sir I want to encounter Latif because he killed my Inspector Jhala when he was going on leave to see his pregnant wife”. Abdul Latif was arrested and he was to be produced in the old High Court at Navrangpura. Before the appearance, DSP Jadeja offered him ‘dabeli’ to eat. Latif said yes, then his handcuffs were opened and then he was shot dead. It was said in the media that Latif untied his handcuffs to have breakfast and tried to run away as a result of which he was killed. After that Shankarsinh Vaghela did another very good deed that he implemented the Disturbed Sections Act i.e. different cities of Gujarat Many areas have been identified in these areas and no Muslim can buy the property of a Hindu in these areas and after that the BJP went through Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal etc. everywhere else and today the Center is in power with 303 seats.

BJP Needs Unconditional Support From Hindus

When a Hindu wakes up and wakes up other sleeping Hindus, then this Gujarat atmosphere is created. When Keshubhai had announced the encounter of Latif, the Gujaratis gave their full support to the BJP without any question and answer. If Hindus want Gujarat results all over the country, then everyone will have to do what Gujaratis did then. That is why support BJP and Modi without asking questions, then only Modiji and BJP will be able to eliminate the barbaric atmosphere created by the latifs from the whole country.

Now that BJP has grown in membership pan Bharat, there are lot of chances of corrupt, selfish, Jaichand types in the party or even in Hindutva media attacking BJP or Modi every now and then for not doing enough. BJP leadership knows how to deal with them best.

Our PM Modi thinks 10 steps ahead of Hindus enemies and 100 steps ahead of Hindus – with long term surprise, sustained, gradual, slow poisoning attacks on the left cabal to destroy it permanently as they are too big, well organized, internationally connected, well funded and powerful enough to dismantle the growing Hindu resurgence for any simple mistake by GOI!

Gujarati people always think long term and this is a lesson the countrymen and especially the Hindus have to learn from them. Do not oppose Modiji and BJP in small matters and give them your unconditional support with patience so that they can do their work with full dedication. Continue the attack on adharmics instead and spread the knowledge of Dharmic teachings that encourage humanity, justice and sync with nature.

Jai Hind

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