95% of Americans or more have no idea how their country even runs or what the ruling class looks like. Most of them don’t even have a conception of a ruling class beyond this farcical Ralph Lauren model idea invented to sell overpriced sweaters. It’s time for you to learn.

America is ruled by what I will call the Tripartite Elite: Non-Orthodox Jews of Sephardic or German Old Families Neo-Puritan Norman Americans, which are parodied as the “WASPs” of pop culture East Asians, especially KMT-Americans Jews are senior partners to Anglos and Asians.
From the beginning, Jews were never excluded from power. This was a lie retroactively written into history to justify a victory of the oppressed narrative and the post-60s Civil Rights regime, along with the Second Founding idea of the Civil War.
The original power structure of the North had the Puritan First Families, a mixture of Mayflower elites and highly successful merchant families plying the China trade (we will return to this later) with support from banking houses financing the sea trade.
In this, the merchants were the wealthiest, and the bankers helped place the financing. August Belmont, a Rothschild banker, was Commodore Perry’s son-in-law. The most prominent finance house eventually became known as the House of Morgan.
Rothschild was the European connection, while Morgan led his domestic finance syndicate, subdividing his fundraisers with firms like Goldman Sachs, Seligman, and other Jewish firms. While Morgan took the lion’s share, the Jewish firms were never cut out.
In the South, you had the Cavaliers and their finance Jews, who ran the slave trade procuring labor for Cavalier plantations. The chief bankers of the South were the Lehman Brothers, who plied commodities, mostly cotton.
The first American Power Structure was therefore: North, with Puritans leading and Jews as junior partner South, with Cavaliers leading and Jews as junior partner And both ruling classes were of heavily Norman descent, which can be seen in DNA tests to this very day.
What happened next is well-known to everyone. The Puritans went to war with the Cavaliers and crushed them by importing countless Ellis Islanders to fill their armies. Cavalier power defeated, they transformed into the “WASPs”.
This is the era of greatest Jewish butthurt, but Jews were never strongly discriminated against. What prevailed was not oppression but segregation. This is the time of the Jewish club vs the WASP club. You would have the Century or Harmonie Club as Jewish clubs, Union WASP etc.
The same prevailed in the white shoe world. Cravath was the WASP firm, Sullivan and Cromwell was the Jewish firm. The House of Morgan was WASP, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers were Jewish. Separate, junior, but not oppressed, not compared to the common whites.
Even then, the separation was imperfect. The Jewish Lazaruses were founding members of the WASP Union Club. Some Jews were on the WASP society lists and vice versa. Think 90/10 splits. Some firms, like Cravath, were totally pure. But most weren’t.
The next shift came with the age of high finance coming into fruition. As business grew, the old Boston Brahmin tradition of sea merchant wealth grew obsolete. Industrial wealth was controlled by combination trusts, which were run by financiers.
In 1912, Congress formed the Pujo Committee to investigate the finance power. They found virtually every large corporation in America was controlled by two syndicates: The House of Morgan, which was still subcontracting business to Jews, and the National City Bank of Rockefeller.
Today, we know these firms as JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Citibank. And in 1912, they controlled the world.
This was the beginning of the struggle between WASP and Jewish power. The rise of finance meant that Jews were no longer subordinate to the First Families of Boston at all, and Boston faded as a center of Yankee power. New York was ascendant. Wall Street ruled.
What the Jews pushed for was desegregation. And with mixed marriages becoming increasingly the norm, it became hard to say no. The struggle was largely over by the time WWII was rolling around. The last holdout, Cravath, hired a Jew in 1958. In 1960, the war was already over.
Total Jewish victory. Complete desegregation of elite institutions. One united Anglo-Judaic race. And Jews as senior partners in the power structure of America. But there was one more addition to come with WWII.
Yes. 1960. You heard me. Almost no one alive today *ever* saw the era of pure WASP power. If they did, they were children at the time. The Mad Men of Madison Avenue invented the idea to sell f*cking sweaters, and they were buoyed by Hollywood (perpetually butthurt).
Hollywood was the den of Ostjuden who were soundly rejected by the Eastern “WASP” Establishment, and they gladly latched onto any attempt to attack their betters (who were also Jewish). So yeah. Ralph Lauren. There never was the Blond Beast of legend.
America’s first ties to China started with the China trade. John Forbes, of the Forbes family, was taken in as an adoptive son of the Qing Merchant Prince Howqua, a billionaire, who gave him a large gift of silver bullion after his apprenticeship.
They intensified as the Scramble for China began. Dowager Empress Cixi invited Americans in to help modernize the country, to protect against hostile European powers. Eventually, a delegation of Chinese aristocrats was sent to American elite colleges.
As Japan rose as a power, it threatened to take over all of East Asia. The Sinophile faction in America prevailed and blockaded and embargoed Japan. This made war inevitable. Japan struck first, but they only awoke a sleeping giant. America won.
But the effects of the war were numerous. At the same time America was fighting Japan, China had been fighting its own civil war. Qing had collapsed decades before, replaced by feuding warlord cliques. These eventually formed up into two factions: CCP and KMT.
The CCP won and the KMT began the Great Retreat to Taiwan. At the same time, MacArthur was setting up a new government in Japan, which necessitated the creation of a whole new power structure as occupational authority. This was the beginning of the Pentagon Empire: REDGOV.
The KMT didn’t just retreat to Taiwan. It also began an occupation of Southeast Asia. There, it began growing poppies as a form of raising money. This drug money was then laundered through to Taiwan back to the Pentagon via the DIA.
In Frank Lucas’s autobiography, Original Gangster, he talks about pioneering the heroin trade to the inner city. He went to Southeast Asia to source the materials. You know how they were flown back to America? Military planes. There’s your black budget.
Why the f*ck did it even matter if Southeast Asia domino effect fell to Communist influence? Because that was *already* an outpost of Pentagon power via the KMT, which was rapidly merging with the Occupational Authority into one power faction. So we went to war in Vietnam.
Silicon Valley was born as a product of Pentagon power. DARPA money funded the creation of Google. Before semiconductors, it was the base of black tech research into early computers. If the power of the Anglo-Jews was finance and law, the power of the Pentagon was and is tech.
When semiconductor manufacturing moved from the US to Taiwan, Taiwan displaced Japan as the crown jewel of the Pentagon’s Empire. Other possessions included the Middle East and its oil, while the State Department came to rule over Europe.
Chinese-Americans are almost 10x overrepresented in military-industrial complex positions. Do you know what the number 1 foreign influence listed in security clearances is? Not Israel. China. Number 2? Taiwan.
When you buy overpriced hammers from the contractors, Fu Manchu gets his cut. How could China steal all of our technology, even military technology, so easily? The call was coming from inside the house.
The story of the rise of the Pentagon Empire, roughly, can be seen in James Clavell’s Asian Saga, with the exception of Shogun. The Noble House which stars in it is a pastiche of the House of Forbes and Jardine Matheson.
Forbes gets his silver from Howqua in Tai-Pan, Japan is opened to the world in Gai-Jin (Commodore Perry!), the US is drawn into WWII in King Rat, Noble House is the Hong Kong crisis with a shadow war between the KMT, CCP, and USSR, and Whirlwind is the fall of Iran.
The fall of Iran fundamentally reshaped the fate of Western oil companies and their operations and led to the creation of the modern Middle East imperial system. Here is your Petrodollar empire.
This is the shape of your ruling class. At the top are Jews, who hold total dominion. The neo-Puritan WASPs hold important positions in white shoe finance and law firms. And the Chinese control the MIC and the flow of capital through the Asian empire.
What does this look like in practice? “White Americans are rich.” No. No, they’re not. White Privilege is a myth. The common White, the White Evangelical, has a median net worth of about $25,000.
Episcopalian Americans have a median net worth of about HALF A MILLION. So do Chinese-Americans. And reform Jews? One million dollars. Median. 20x and 40x the common White man respectively.
Why bring any of this up? First of all, I value the truth. But second of all, both Chinese-Americans and Episcopalians have been eclipsed. As of CURRENT YEAR, who is the second-richest group in America? Hindu Americans. And they hire their castemates. This is the H1B threat.
@DOssuary Irish do have their own elite though. Real Lace is a good book on it.
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