“Hindus are beastly people with a beastly religion”…These were the words of Winston Churchill, the then Prime Minister of UK who brought the worst fortunes for this sacred land in the name of civilising the beastly brown Hindus who worshipped Stones, Idols, Natures, monkeys, cows. From Churchill to Teresa, they tried tooth and nail to baptise and make the uncivilized, polytheists enter the stairs of church and crumple down the last pagan religion left. Churchill also had many more ill thoughts about Hindus. He said “Indians are not fit to rule, they are fit to be ruled” and look who is going to rule them now, a proud Hindu, a person of an Indian origin. ”

Witness the magic of Kalchakra, they had to pick the same polytheist, beastly creatures to civilise them. Churchill and Teresa must be having a very tough day !!! Let’s end this article with a quote of the so called statesman Winston Churchill, “Hindus were a foul race protected by their mere pullulation [rapid spread] from the doom that is their due”.

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