Do you know why I feel Islam is definitely going to capture India very soon like how we Muslims captured Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. which were once all Hindu lands? because Hindus don’t understand the fundamental rules and limitations of the democracy. Let me explain…
Democracies have mainly 2 types of political parties (1) Pro-Islamist, or purely opportunist parties like AIMIM, TMC, INC, CPI, CPI-M, etc. who prefer to appease dominant group of voters who all vote as one block (2) Truly secular parties like BJP who don’t appease anyone and who treats everyone equally…
3rd type of political parties i.e. Pro-Hindu party or Anti-Islamic party can NOT exist. Not in India, Not anywhere. Here is why: If we Muslims are insignificant in numbers in any particular area, other religions like Hinduism which are inherently secular in nature, won’t perceive any threat for them by us Muslims yet. So they will not support any Pro-Hindu or Anti-Muslim party rather they will want pro-development party. Hence any Pro-Hindu or Anti-Muslim party will not win in such a situation. ..
Now, let’s see the other scenario where we Muslims are significant in numbers. No party can dare to be Anti-Islamic or Pro-Hindu where we Muslims have significant numbers. We Muslims will either massacre the members of such a party, burn their offices, or at least throw them out of power after maligning them for being communal and Anti-Muslim. Our friends in media will help us with this. So in this scenario too, No Anti-Muslim or Pro-Hindu party can survive. ..
So this practically leaves only 2 kinds of parties in democracy 1: Pro-Islamist /Opportunist like AIMIM/INC & 2: Truly Secular like BJP. Now, let’s see what happens when either of them are in power. ..
If 1st kind (i.e. Pro-Islamist or Opportunist parties) is in power, they can easily make Pro-Islamist policies without any worries as Hindus don’t vote united, they also can be easily divided and manipulated and we Muslims vote as single block. So these parties can remain in power even after doing extreme injustice towards Hindus as our friends in media will keep creating false narratives to keep Hindus in slumber of secularism and brotherhood. Meanwhile these parties can manipulate public opinion and rule for as long as they want. and we Muslims will vote them to power and Hindu votes never matter as they are not united..
Now if 2nd type of parties i.e. truly secular like BJP, come to power, They can never dare to make Pro-Hindu policies for the same reason. Even if they dare to make some ProHindu policies, Unlike Muslims, all Hindus will NOT vote for them as many Hindus will want neutral and Pro-development parties in power. So such parties are not sure to win if they make Pro-Hindu policies. and hence they are left with no choice but to be truly secular/Neutral if they want to be in power..
Ultimately, it leaves the country being either ruled by Pro-Islamists or by true Seculars. Therefore, in democracies, the balance is always tilted towards us Muslims…
Now, add on top of that our Population-Jihad. We Muslims constantly try increasing our population as commanded by Quran. This increase in population helps us influence political parties in our favour because democracy is always a numbers game and whoever has more voters wins. We gradually capture areas/states one by one until entire country is captured. and then one fine day: BOOM! Another JammuKashmir happens. Another community gets thrown out of their lands like KashmiriPandits, another community gets raped, massacred, and our media friends go working overtime whitewashing that crime so as our job doesn’t get tough while making the next piece of land Islamic!! ….
After we capture enough states, we start demanding a separate country. and Another Pakistan, Bangladesh gets born. Doing this serves us Muslims 2 purpose: 1- We made one more country Islamic, we moved a step further towards our goal of making the whole world Dar-ul-Islam and 2- We let the Hindus in their separate, reduced country remain under hallucination that “कुछ बात है की हस्ती मिटटी नहीं हमारी सदियों रहा है दुश्मन दौरे जहा हमारा..” This ensures that they don’t wake up and oppose us when we start repeating this same process and work towards dividing their newly created country even further to make another Islamic nation few decades down the line. ….
.. And that’s why I say that Islam is definitely going to capture India very soon like we captured Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. which were once all Hindu lands.

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