Today On 23 June in Johar Town Area ( Pakistan ) a bomb blast takes place Outside the house of Terrorist Hafiz saeed Who was the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai blasts. Reports say that in this blast 14 People are injured and 2 people died.

Visuals from the blast

Now a question raises That who is behind these blasts. Firstly we have to see that what’s happening in India. PM Narendra Modi will hold a meeting tomorrow On the J&K Issue With Gupkar Alliance in Delhi. The vice chairperson of this alliance Mehbooba mufti Says that – ” India Has to talk with Pakistan Before taking any decision related to Kashmir If Taliban, why not Pakistan. ” This meeting can end the Kashmir Issue Forever Some reports say that Gov of India Can Separate Jammu From Kashmir. On 24 June the meeting will be held and a big decision should be taken. After The announcement of this meeting Pakistan PM Imran Khan Says that – ” If something happens in Kashmir We have Nuclear weapons and we will fight till the end.”

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Their should be a possibility that Taliban Is behind this Blast because few days before some news handles says that India will hold talks with Taliban and Everybody knows that their are some issues between Afghani taliban and Pakistan after 9/11 Pakistan said that they have ended their relations with Taliban. One Side India is holding talks with Afghani Taliban And on the other side Pakistan threatening that they will start a war if anything happens in Kashmir.

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May be India has exchanged words with Taliban to support them In Afghanistan and in return they have to distract Pakistan. This is possible because the meeting will take place tommorow and Bomb blast in Pakistan is little strange because the Country which gives support to terrorist organisations Like Lashkar-E-Taiba , ISIS etc possibly be safe from these because these are the organisations who spread terrorism all over the world. So possibly Afghani Taliban is behind this. ( Views are personal )

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