All party meeting has gained enormous controversy. Many social and political groups in Jammu have accused the government of neglecting Jammu.

The people of Jammu are disappointed because there was a time when the leaders of Kashmir used to openly speak against India to restore Article 370. There was a time when they used to speak the language of Pakistan, openly talked about the interest of Pakistan and China. Even the Gupkar alliance was given the title of a ‘gang’ by the Home Minister Amit Shah.

The particular reason for the dissatisfaction of the people of Jammu is that the leaders who used to talk about Pakistan more than the state, who did the work of misleading the state, they are invited for the All Party Meeting but those who ever talked about nationalism, who spoke about Jammu, have been ignored.

Meanwhile, a prominent name “Ek Jutt Jammu” is emerging. Party President Advocate Ankur Sharma says that the Prime Minister has succumbed to Kashmir-centric politics.

At the same time, the people of Jammu believe that there is no one to represent them in that meeting. Jammu has a suspicion that once again Jammu will be ignored because the Kashmir-centric politics.

Anyways, the deputy CM Kavinder Gupta has assured the people of Jammu that he will openly speak about Jammu in front of the Prime Minister.

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