The way events are unfolding in the anarchy ridden West Bengal, it appears the state is definitely going to make headways for Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP in the upcoming legislative elections. Several of Mamata Banerjee’s trusted lieutenants have already left her as they have started realizing that her days are over. What is happening now in West Bengal is reminiscent of what was happening to the national politics just before 2014 Parliamentary Elections when several senior Congress leaders like Chaudhary Virender Singh, SM Krishna, Rao Indrajit Singh, and Jagdambika Pal had joined BJP. This leaves a telltale of the devastations that would ensue in the upcoming elections for Trinmool Congress.

Why is Bengal Important?

Like Punjab, Bengal witnessed huge number of killings of Hindus in the hands of Muslim League. There were clear divisions in the population based on the religion; however, it were only the Hindus who were asked to carry the secularism’s flag as the neighbor East Pakistan and then Bangladesh became Islamic Republic. Even today Bangladesh houses Jihadi elements who have been found involved in terror attacks, beheading of atheists and Hindus. Interestingly, the BLUE Pill that Bengali Hindus have been taking for around a century has also meant that there have been several violent attacks on them. Even today Bengalis could be found settled in several metro cities of India for employment opportunities. No industrial area or new city has come up in Bengal over the decades. The dying city of Kolkata has everything that was built in British era.

West Bengal amply ruined by Left Misrule of more than three decades has been damaged further by Mamata Banerjee. Whereas commies ruined Bengal economically, the rule of TMC government has been extremely dangerous for Hindus who are though majority, have been treated shabbily by Mamata Banerjee administration. Political killings though not new to the state have just changed the color as the people who are being killed now are BJP workers. Earlier it used to be Congress workers who were being killed by Communists; however, since Congress is in tatters and BJP is in resurgence it is the saffron party’s members who are at the receiving end.

Nonetheless, the perpetrators of violence have also changed over the decades and most often these are the state sponsored elements. Whereas earlier it were Communist goons who used to kill any opposition voice, these days it is Jihadi elements who have been sheltered and fed by Mamata Banerjee for vote bank, kill anyone, especially BJP members.

Changing Demography, a Major Concern for the National Security 

Promoted and encouraged by Secular leaders ever since the independence and then partition, almost nil Muslim migration took place from Indian side of Bengal to East Pakistan. This is what Jawahar Lal Nehru had said in his in Parliament speech on 7th August 1950 when question came for the transfer of population from Indian Bengal to East Pakistan:

 “I think that on the whole, the Muslim minority in West Bengal – which also, I think, suffers from a feeling of frustration and certain insecurity – is relatively more secure than the Hindu minority in East Bengal… Now take the proposal regarding exchange of population… it is completely opposed to our political economic, social and spiritual ideals. If you want to have an exchange of population, then you must change the whole basis of not only this Government but of all that we have stood for these thirty odd years and during the movement for freedom in this country.”

In consequence to Nehru’s policy, there has been tremendous growth in Muslim population of West Bengal as whereas in 1951 their population was just 19.85%, in 2011, the percentage has gone up to 27.1% which in all probabilities will be higher in 2021. Needless to say there are a large number of Muslims who came from Bangladesh but not counted in the census since they may not be having the required documents. Then the Bangladesh India border, especially in West Bengal is porous and poorly managed which helps in trans-border crime and the cross-border movement of terrorists.

What has Mamata Banerjee Done Wrong?

Almost everything she did to the state is wrong as it was her who stopped Tata from setting up a manufacturing unit for Nano cars at Singur and it was also her who encouraged Islamists in the state for vote bank politics. Muslim population has surpassed the Hindu population in 3 districts of West Bengal e.g. Malda (51%), Murshidabad (66%) and Uttar Dinajpur (50%). Some other districts have Muslim population from 20% to 40% which become important for any political party and cannot be ignored. Since Islamists and Jihadi elements help TMC in elections Mamata government has either willingly or unwillingly not been able to check the spread of radical and extremist ideologies.

Will Bengal Travel from Left to Centrist Politics of Mamata to BJP?

More than 150 BJP workers have lost their lives in West Bengal in the last couple of years in the hands of TMC goons. The resurging saffron party has made Mamata Banerjee, the leader who has been at the helm for nearly forty years, insecure. She herself is an example of a leader who struggled, survived and won against Communist thugs in West Bengal. However, she seems to have forgotten her own experience, looks like some kind amnesia as she is perpetrating the same crimes against BJP leaders. She must have realized it fully well that her days are counted and she may lose the elections as today BJP is where she was a decade ago.

Today BJP is fighting for a cause, for democracy, for the right of Hindus and overall the betterment of the state. On the other hand TMC has become a symbol of repression, state thuggery as it has substituted Communists and as she defeated them, BJP is going to unsettle her.

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