Aunty Karan Johar is at it again. Peddling fake stories about “glorious” (read barbaric, fanatic) rulers such as the low-life Aurangzeb and his clan. This film also features those Bollywood reject “star kids” who have no talent in spite of being offspring of semi-talented older generation actors.

The truth here is that the brutal reign of Aurangzeb will not be shown. Izlamic apologists and sell-outs in Bollywood – including Amitabh – have sold the fake greatness of barbaric rulers to us for decades. The allah-mullah-ishq-fishq crap is what we have been happily consuming for years but things are slowly changing because of social media. People are becoming aware of the fake plastic and white-washed stories about Izlamic atrocities on Hindus by uncivilized mughals for years.

Johar’s “Takht” is yet another pro-Izlamic agenda which will leave an impression on young minds for years to come. I doubt it will show the truth about Aurangzeb – he killed his own brothers and father as he thought Shah Jahan (his father) spent state funds (collected from suppressed Hindus as Jaziya tax) to build the taj mahal. Aurangzeb destroyed thousands of Hindu temples, forced conversions, looked the other way when Hindu women were raped and pretended to enlist Marathas in his army – all of which is being painted with a “oh he was not so bad” brush by the Izlamic mafia.

Taimur the barbarian Lung was among the most awful rulers, yet apologists such as Saif Ali Khan named his cute kid so that the idiot masses would remember the name Taimur with fondness rather than historical barbarity.

Back to Takht. The film will not showcase history or reality or records of Aurangzeb as a menace. We will see flop Ranveer Singh scream and play maniac on screen a la Khilji with a new hair style. His over-acting is torture to say the least. Vicky Kaushal, whose career tanked with Johar’s Bhoot and then with dating aunty Katrina will try to bring seriousness to playing Dara and second fiddle to the one married to Mrs. Flop – Ranveer.

All in all, the movie will have beautiful, eye-pleasing sets, and perfect plastic surgery-ed characters. All set to humanize the demon Aurangzeb and make him seem less anti-Hindu than he actually was. This is just like Jodha Akbar; we all know that Akbar was an ugly man who did no special favors to Hindus though Bollywood idiots would like for us to believe so. Nor did he look like Hrithik Roshan.

In short, try not to promote barbarians who massacred your ancestors and continue to brainwash you about how luck you are that they spared you. Boycott this flop film.

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