In his column for The Indian Express, the foreign policy expert C. Raja Mohan says that the bipartisan agreement in US for overhaul of global order could see creation of a new league of democracies. According to the esteemed diplomacy expert this would also have great consequences for India as it would be able to gain economically and technologically. According to him it does not matter who is in power in the US for both Republicans and Democrats are veering around to ideas of the “free world” where they both want to set up new international coalitions to address the emerging challenges from China.

C. Raja Mohan writes that whereas President Trump has proposed the expansion of G-7 grouping to include Australia, India, Russia and South Korea, the only opposition to this arrangement from Democrats is that they do not want Russian in it. As Joe Biden has promised to convene a summit of major democracies soon after he takes charge, except for Russia all other democracies in the Indo-Pacific region would come together to desist Chinese hegemony.

Post-USA Elections Implications for WTO

Elections are just a few hours away; however, jittery is all around. Not just the economists but diplomacy and defence experts, all are anxious. However, for C. Raja Mohan one of the most consequential developments after the US elections will be the demand to reform the global trading system as according to him this has been distorted by Chinese success in subverting it. He thinks that if Trump wins, his assault on the World Trade Organisation could be fiercer than now.

C. Raja Mohan also writes that to be sure, Biden has been supportive of multilateralism in general; however, according to him pressure from Trump as well as the working classes and the progressives in his own party have compelled Biden to promise there will be no return to an ideologically driven free trade policy.

Post-USA Elections Implications for India

The renowned defence expert in his article “Four phases of Indian multilateralism” explains that India is in fourth phase which is marked by three features e.g. the relative rise in Delhi’s international standing, the breakdown of the great power consensus on economic globalization, and the breakout of the US-China rivalry. According to C. Raja Mohan the real excitement after American presidential elections are over will be about Delhi’s participation in the sweeping rearrangement of the global structures. These arrangements according to him will have major consequences for India’s economic prosperity and technological future.

C. Raja Mohan concludes that unlike in the past, Delhi now has the resources, leverage and political will to make a difference to the global order.

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