The Mirzapur web series clearly shows Uttar Pradesh in a bad light at a global level. This is at a time when Yogi Adityanath the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh trying his hard to brighten up the image of the state. Yogi Ji is trying to improve the image of Uttar Pradesh by all the advertisements and investments, but an e-commerce company of US investing 100s of crores of rupees on web series such as Mirzapur to malign the image of Yogi, UP, and Hinduism.

Amazon Prime’s model of taking all the money from Hindus to malign the culture and character of Hindus only is very interesting. Companies spend money on customer loyalties, but is charging their own customers for customer loyalties. That too very intelligently they are spending the same money on jihad-driven web series such as Mirzapur. They have colluded with jihadi Farhan Akhtar and made Mirzapur web series which tries to put the Hindu community’s caste-related vulnerabilities in a very bad picture.

Why and its Prime platform are so pissed off about Uttar Pradesh? Why they want to abuse Brahmins and Hindus is a matter of grave concern. Why is trying to depict that Uttar Pradesh is a criminal state? Are they targeting Uttar Pradesh voters because they have voted for BJP? Are they trying to show that so-called Savarnas such as Brahmin and Thakurs are morally corrupt and characterless?

We understand the intentions of Jihadi Javed Akhtar and his son Farhan Akhtar, but why is so behind UP and Hindus, the question the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister must address. The innocent Hindus must also unsubscribe and its Prime platform as they are taking all the money for the customer loyalties from them only. Amazon Prime is trying to show that the culture and character of their own Hindu customers are very corrupt. 

Oh, innocent Hindus Amazon Prime has earned thousands of crores from insulting you and your culture, and characters. Jihadi Farhan Akhtar and Bollywoodian Anushka have achieved their aims of insulting Hinduism, but you are not able to decipher thier intentions. Let us boycott, Amazon Prime, and urge the home ministry of India and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath to ban, Prime, and Mirzapur web series. 

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