Will You Pay To Get Insulted? Hindus Pay to Amazon and Netflix

Someone has made some cartoons of a certain prophet in France and all the 56 Islamic nations came together to protest. More than five beheadings have been done by Islamic ideologues across the world. But, look at the plight of Hindus. Some OTT platforms officially charge them to insult their Gods and religion. They consistently feed the Hindufobic content in the name of acting and web series and Hindus rejoice it without any concerns.

Why Amazon Prime is Targeting Yogi, UP, and Hinduism?

We understand the intentions of Jihadi Javed Akhtar and his son Farhan Akhtar, but why Amazon.com is so behind UP and Hindus, the question the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister must address. The innocent Hindus must also unsubscribe Amazon.com and its Prime platform as they are taking all the money for the customer loyalties from them only. Amazon Prime is trying to show that the culture and character of their own Hindu customers are very corrupt.