1. India’s oil shipment from Russia increases, insulating it from the Oil price spike globally of Middle east Oil.
2. Pressure keeps mounting on India by US, but India doesn’t budge.
3. A wheat shipment to Netherlands is moved to Turkey and Indian wheat is declared diseased.
4. Blinken starts talking about ‘Religious Intolerance in India’
5. Next day twitter trend starts in the Middle East, lead by Qatar.

None of these are unrelated.

To save its economy India will have to buy a lot more from Russia. A LOT MORE of such hit jobs will be orchestrated. Your knee jerk reaction is EXACTLY what all this is being orchestrated for. The puppet master will try to get away scot free.

I had stated right at the beginning of ’21 that with Biden in the seat, India will see a very tumultuous 4 years wrt the US. Know where the strings are being pulled from. Do pause to use your intelligence before reacting. IF you appreciate what Jaishankar stated, you must also be ‘man’ enough to take the blows such a stand will invite?

Biden is actively ensuring that India has not just 2nd but also 3rd thoughts about getting into ANY corner where the US is. This must be the best kind of messaging to do just before BRICS summit? 🤔

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