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How the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was trapped in Punjab on January 5, 2022, (to be murdered, as some security experts say)  has been international news by now. How his convoy was held up for nearly 20 minutes, out on a road, over a flyover, while that spot had no alternative route, and a crowd of armed protesters was ­­surging towards that spot is also well documented.

Who is responsible and to be brought to justice?

According to common Indian, the Chief Minister of Punjab, C.S. Channi and his administration played active role in this nefarious design and act, for which Congress Leadership at the Center and State is no less responsible.

The role of foreign hands can’t be denied, but no foreign hand can work unless there is internal connivance. And it is the internal conniving hand that should be duly punished, immediately and deterrently. There has been a demand to dismiss Punjab government and impose President’s rule in Punjab. But according to common Indian, that is a political demand. It is, by all reckoning, a criminal matter and should be dealt with accordingly.

Hindus in Punjab

Hindus in Punjab are shaken, one time more. Earlier they were shaken, and many uprooted also, during Khalistan movement in early 1980s. Bluestar happened in the wake of that. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, was shot dead by her own (Sikh) bodyguards. In an largely impulsive response to murder of the Prime Minister, some Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India were beaten and burnt.  How many Hindus were murdered in Punjab and uprooted during Khalistan movement in early 1980s, no one has a count. There has never been a concern or call for justice for those Hindus. Many of those Hindus faced second exodus in one life. First, they were uprooted during partition of the country in 1947 and then again in early 1980s. It is important for the progeny, particularly Hindus, to know that then also it was Congress party primarily responsible for partition of the country, Hindu exodus and genocide, theretofore unknown in the world history.

The leaders of the Khalistan movement of early 1980s have been celebrated as  heroes by a handful Khalistan supporters in Canada and USA. Canada and USA are fertile grounds for many such people. They will go to Pakistan to take out Osama Bin Laden, but all else is fine. Unfortunately, they not only permit such people to freely operate in the name of freedom of speech but even reward them with grant of asylum to them and their family members. The immigration attorneys say persecution (including fake) is the easiest ticket to asylum and citizenship in Canada and USA.

Countries like Canada and USA teach the world the need for global cooperation. They have led creation of international bodies like United Nations (UN), World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Bank for International Settlement (BIS). Where is global cooperation in this matter? No surprise, most international organizations created by them are hardly effective.

A Hindu living only 20 miles from the spot of trapping Prime Minister asked: If that is treatment of the Prime Minister of India, what is the future of Hindus in Punjab?

How Modi was saved from the trap has important lessons for Hindus in Punjab and India.

How was Modi Saved?

The head photo says everything. If a photo is worth 1000 words, this photo is worth 1,00,000 words. Modi was saved by his Special Protection Guards (SPG). You may see their body language. They are alert. They are determined. They are united. They are well coordinated. They are ready to fire and kill anybody who attacks the car of Modi.

Modi didn’t get off the car to waive and say, ‘they are our own’.

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