The Communist and Jihadi propaganda machine is very strong. They attack and try to capture people’s brains.

The first step to defeat the vicious propaganda machine is to understand how that works.

The propaganda machine working broadly on the below principles:

  1. Sow doubts in the minds of the ranks of their opponents.
  2. Spread white lies and make them appear as truth
  3. Capture the media institutions
  4. Capture the entertainment institutions
  5. Create a so called “intellectual class” to spread their ideology
  6. Not let institutions espousing rival ideology flourish.
  7. Sneak in to academia

Lets understand each of the methods through examples.

First, examples how they sow doubts among the ranks? 

BJP is today the only India political party openly espousing a Hindu agenda. All attempts are being made to make people doubt BJP’s commitment to Hindutva. When cow smugglers are caught and action is taken against them, they start chest-thumping and defaming BJP on international forums. And later they spread news like “BJP is not doing enough for stopping cow slaughter”.

The related media houses start chest-thumping when attempt is made to reclaim destroyed temples. But the same media houses spread information that BJP is not sincere enough to get back the temples.

Had there been no Israel the Islamic world would have been wrecking havoc as there would have been no one to control it. Israel (indirectly) is helping Hindu cause. But news are spread to make Israel appear anti-Hindu. News like “An Israeli company is manipulating Indian elections” is spread to make Israel and Jews look like anti-Hindu. They never spread news like “Israel helped India immensely during Kargil war when the entire Islamic world was silent or supporting Pak” It is a fact that Jews have not killed a single Hindu, but Islam has committed horrendous genocides in India. But the media tries to paint a different picture and never brings truth about Islam.

Second, Spread white lies and make them appear as truth 

Russian Jews caused the Bolshevik revolution. They know most capitalists are Jews and due to effort of the capitalist world the Communist got destroyed. For people who hate communism such news are spread to plan doubts in minds in anti-communist world.

Russia captured 85% of Indian arms industry during the tenure of Indira Gandhi. The Russian sponsored communist trade unions never let (especially) Indian arms industry flourish. But this has been used to show Russia a great friend of India by supplying arms.

It were the Gandhis who tried to destroy democracy by jailing opposition and passing the 39th and 42nd constitutional amendments. BJP or Modi has taken no such steps which will subvert Indian democracy. But a vicious propaganda is run to make BJP appear trying to destroy democracy.

Donald Trump is projected as heinous characterless wreck who is trying to destroy USA.

Third, Capture the media institutions

Indira Gandhi forced many news outlets to change owners(favorable to her) during emergency.

Russians forced all right or center-wing media outlets close down.

In China no private media is allowed. Same is in Korea or Vietnam.

Fourth, Capture the entertainment institutions

Bollywood had some Jihadi tendencies from inception. But post emergency Bollywood became completely Jihadi espousing a hard jihadi-left ideology. This may have been done by ensuring only the Jihadi underworld and no one else can invest in Bollywood and driving out rival ideology people invested in Bollywood.

Fifth, Create a so called “intellectual class” to spread the ideology

There are many such intellectuals, targeting every group of people,  who have been planted to spread the message in a very nice language they understand. Dhruv Rathi is a great example.

Sixth, Not let institutions espousing rival ideology flourish. 

Many don’t know that the law to start a newspaper in India was so tough that it took 3+ years to start one. Due to this no new newspaper could come up. And the existing newspapers had been pro-left/pro-jihadi since the emergency days.

It was just few months back BJP passed the “The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023” replacing the “Press and Registration of Books Act”. The new law will enable any one to start a newspaper in just 2-3 months.

Seventh, Sneak in to academia

How was this done?

  1. Russian sponsored hardcode communist (Nurul Hasan) established Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) to re-write history glorifying Mughal rule and demeaning Hindu history.
  2. The same Nurul Hasan rewrote all NCERT text books propagating the glories of communism, golden era of Mughals in India and vices of Hinduism.
  3. UPSC was filled with left leaning and secular people to ensure that people with similar ideology enter bureaucracy.

Through a cocktail of twisted facts, lies, deceit, constant bombarding of information and suppression of facts, they are wrecking havoc. Hindus need to be aware of this.

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