2024 elections are now over. BJP fell short of majority by 30+ votes. It got 240 seats. NDA got around 300 seats. Many perceive this as a big loss for BJP and victory for the first dynasty of India.

Look at below facts:

  1. Narsimha Rao ran the Congress Govt successfully with 240+ seats.
  2. AB Vajpayee ran BJP Govt for 6 years with 182 seats.
  3. Dr. MMS had 145 seats during UPA I and 206 during UPA II.

That too Congress in 2024 could not even muster 100 seats, so it cannot act as a fulcrum for any coalition with such a number.

The numbers BJP has got is enough for it to act as a fulcrum and build a strong  coalition. That too, some of its allies like (Shiv Sena, LJP, NCP) have no other option and have nearly 15 seats.

Hence, in nutshell no single ally can hold BJP to ransom.

Coming to out topic why this is actually a victory for BJP?

First, the first dynasty of India desperately wanted to come to power but failed. 

The first dynasty has huge amount of gold. They siphoned off 800 kilograms of gold from AMER fort in Rajasthan during emergency. The same dynasty siphoned off all the gold of Subhas Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army.  I guess that may be around 500 kilograms. So the first dynasty has a gold reserve of 1.5-2 tons.

BJP has cut off all their sources of loot and income (from subsidies, mines, arms, banks, cooperatives etc.) by changing laws.

In current election, since their sources of income were non-existent, they distributed lot of gold and money from gold to get votes. They must have distributed several quintals of gold with the hope they can come to power and make money back. So their loss is a big blow to their last remaining financial muscle.

Second, many foreign countries (China, Russia, US, Arab and UK) wanted to defeat BJP.

Just like in 2004, many wanted to desperately defeat BJP in 2024. After 2004, oil prices had skyrocketed helping Russia and Arab nations. Chinese goods flooded Indian market, China established many bases in Indian Ocean. Communist party took over power in Nepal.

BJP victory in 2024 clearly indicates that India is not weak and is able to fiercest onslaught of the inimical foreign powers. This will discourage foreign powers from interfering in India’s affairs in future.

Third, BJP has completed big chunk of it’s legislative agenda. 

Brute majority is needed to pass tough laws. Using the brute majority BJP had between 2014-24, it passed many laws to make the business easier and reduce corruption.

During 2024-29, it needs to implement the laws on ground and for that brute majority in parliament is not needed. If BJP forms the Govt it can implement the laws.

Because of the above reasons, I consider the verdict a victory for BJP and loss for the first dynasty as they tried their best to win but finally lost.

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