Look at the featured image carefully. You can see how China has taken advantage of the Congress era and surrounded India by gifting us a String of Pearls. They have acquired ports of strategic importance in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Pakistan at the name of development. And then they have made their naval bases there on these ports to surround India.

This is a very well-known fact now, and India has tried to counter this by having strategic acquisitions in Australia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, and Sri Lankan naval ports. However, do you know that apart from the String of Pearls, you are surrounded by the Jihadi quadrilateral on the country’s four cornering states?

Let us start from the top corner, and that is Jammu & Kashmir. Jihadists have already built their bases in Kashmir since India’s independence. Then Jihadi forces have collaborated with communists and made their strategic dominance in two other cornering states named West Bengal and Kerala. Never forget, these were the two states, which produced some of the greatest Hindu scholars named Shankaracharya and Vivekananda etc.

Then comes Maharashtra, the western corner of the country, which we all know have been dominated by the Jihadi and ISI agent actors migrated from East and West Pakistan. If you would carefully search the roots of dominating Bollywood actor families, you will find the Jihadi origins of that family in one of the East or West Pakistans.

This is how we Hindustanis and Hindus are trapped in the quadrilateral of the Jihadists. Now, the question is how we can fight against these Jihadists trying to squeeze and out-populate us in our own country? I will answer this question in my next article. You can also give your suggestions in the comment box.

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