#Video Of the Obnoxious Quranic Verses Sung at the Holy Shrine of Swami Ayyappan Temple at Sabarimala, viral in the social media, prompted me to write this article.

Modern secular Hindu “Gurus” have begun a despicable practice of making devotees of Bhagwan Ayyappan at Sabarimala in Kerala chant “Lá iláha illallah” before they climb the Sabari hill to reach the holy shrine of Ayyappan Swami by a trek through the Periyar Tiger Reserve on the Western Ghats.

The first-time pilgrims are deceived into believing that only on chanting this Islamic verse would “Vawarswami” ( a Muslim follower of Ayyappan) make it possible for the pilgrims to reach the Ayyappan shrine atop the hill. There is a mazhar of Vawarswami located at the foothill and a mosque dedicated to Vawarswami right next to the Aiyyappan temple on the Sabari hill. The modern “Gurus”, who could very well be Islamists masquerading as Hindu Gurus or may be some spurious Hindus who are funded by Islamists to spread this story of mandatory chanting of “Lá iláha illallah”  (There is no God other than Allah) to appease Vawarswami in order to reach Aiyappan Swami temple.

Pilgrims during the Makkaravillakku festival observe severe austerity for 41 days before embarking on the journey by foot carrying rice and other food grains over their head according to the Agamas laid out for observing a penance to worship Ayyappan Swami.

The story given as a justification of the presence of Mazar and Mosque at the Sabarimala, is that there was an Arab called Vawar who came to Kerala to spread Islam and conquer Kerala, but was defeated by a young lad called Manikandan (Ayyappan Swami) who was the crown Prince of Pandalam, Pathanamthitta. Vawar then is supposed to have become a follower of Prince Manikandan and follows him atop the hill of Sabari where Manikandan renounces his royal life and becomes an ascetic who is worshipped by his ardent devotees as Aiyyappan Swami.

Islamists and secularists try to spread a canard that Ayyappan Swami asked his devotees to build a mazhar and mosque for Vawar. This seems to be very unlikely as a person who believes in Islam cannot worship any other God other than Allah, which is the basic tenet of Islam. So, no one who prays in a mosque to Allah can later go to Ayyappan Swami’s temple which is the actual goal of the pilgrimage.

It is pertinent to note that the Quran and Islam’s founder, Mohammad himself enjoins all his followers to only believe in Allah as a true God and himself as the true and last Prophet. It is a religious duty of all followers of Islam to convert the whole world and make it Darul Islam by first inviting people to convert to Islam; if they refuse, wage a holy war (jihad) against non-believers with order to kill all adult men & take their women and young children as slaves. In fact,  the Islamic scriptures also sanctions taking captured women of other faith as sex slaves to promote Islam. This was the main reason which compelled Hindu women of all ages, adults and infants, to voluntarily jump in a huge burning pyre (jauhar) after offering prayers to Devi Bhavani in Rajputana whenever they lost a war to the invading barbaric jihadis.

Islamic scriptures also says, that if you cannot kill all non-Muslims who refuse to convert in the area conquered by Islamic invaders (jihadis) they should impose onerous taxes called Jizyah on the non-believers as a protection money to protect them from the sword of Islam, these people are derogatorily called “Dhimmi” or the tolerated people. These onerous taxes forced many non-believers to convert to Islam in Indian sub-continent.

These principles for spreading Islam has been adopted by every Islamic invader who set his foot in Indian sub-continent and world over. Another lie that is propagated is that Islam spread by the peaceful preaching of the Sufis. While the truth is exactly the opposite. Sufis accompanied the marauding invading Islamic army to help the army conquer land and convert the subjects to Islam. The Sufis hate idolators and Hinduism although they adopted music from Sanatanis to keep converted people within the flock of Islam by using Bharatiya classical and folk music to denounce Hinduism and Hindu traditions (For e.g., the famous Sufi song: Chaap Tilak Sab Cheen Li Mose Nain Milayke of Amir Khosrow).

In this background, when “Lá iláha illallah” and “Allah Hu Akbar” is used as a slogan of inspiration during holy wars against the Kafirs or non-believers and mean that there is no God other than Allah, how can an ardent devotee of Ayyappan Swami chant “Lá iláha illallah” in front of Ayyappan Swami? As the misled person is negating his own Bhagwan Ayyappan Swami by chanting ‘there is no God other than Allah’!

The communists and fake secular “Gurus” also deceive by referring to some spurious books written by their own ilk to justify the authenticity of such pernicious practices. Moreover, logic says if Vawar was a true religious disciple of Ayyappan Swami, he would have given up Islam as one cannot at the same time be a Muslim and be an ardent devotee of Ayyappan Swami so there is no point in making a mazar or a mosque for him, a temple dedicated to him is more understandable. If Vawar did not consider Ayyappan Swami as his Bhagwan being a devout Muslim, but was committed to him as a friend or a non-religious follower, which may be the case as there is a mosque and a mazar dedicated to him. Then there is no justification to say that Vawar wants all devotees of Ayyappan Swami to chant “Lá iláha illallah” as he would not want to insult his own great friend and leader Ayyappan Swami.

The notion of Ayyappan Swami Temple being a secular temple is laughable as of the 15 million devotees who visit Ayyappan Swami there would be hardly any Christian or Muslim devotee as both the religions are exclusionary faiths which enjoins its followers to only accept “Jesus” or Allah as their God. There may be one or two exceptions like the legendary singer, Yesudas who is born Christian but an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Krishna and Ayyappan Swami. General rules are not made for exceptions like Yesudas. In fact, it is because of this mischief of allowing Abrahamics in Sabarimala temple, these Abrahamics, who hate Hinduism, start interfering with our traditions of worship and try to modify it so that we become more and more conditioned to Abrahamic faiths and move away from Hinduism.

Lastly, the Jihadis in Kashmir hounded out and massacred the miniscule minority Kashmiri Hindus by chanting, “Nara-e-Takbeer” (enlargement of Islam) “Yahan kya chalega? “Lá iláha illallah” (What will work here? There is no God other than Allah).

So, centuries of Islamic rule have subjugated Hindus to have the “Dhimmi” mindset even after independence and adopt Islamic slogans like, “Lá iláha illallah” which denigrates our ancestry, Sanatan Dharma, our Devis and Devtas. Pilgrims and ardent devotees of Ayyappan Swami who are made to chant “Lá iláha illallah”, need to open their eyes and not remain Dhimmis in independent India.         

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