Commies & Jihadis Are Two Sides of The Same Coin: CPM-PFI Coalition in Kerala Municipality

While communist leaders like Brinda Karat promote Kiss For Love movement in front of RSS offices in Kerala and Delhi the party snuggles up to jihadi SDPI, the political wing of jihadi terrorist organisation PFI, for securing Chairperson’s seat in the Pathanamthitta Municipality in Kerala. Is this imposition of jihadi Sharia over the glorious ancient matriarchal tradition of Kerala?

Dhimmitude of Chanting “Lá iláha illallah” at the holy Shrine of Swami Ayyappan in Sabarimala

Modern secular “Gurus” have started the despicable practice of making devotees of Bhagwan Ayyappan at Sabarimala in Kerala chant “Lá iláha illallah” before they climb the Sabari hill to reach the holy shrine of Ayyappan Swami. Jihadis in Kashmir hounded out and massacred the miniscule minority Kashmiri Hindus by chanting, “Nara-e-Takbeer” (enlargement of Islam) “Yahan kya chalega? “Lá iláha illallah”. Pilgrims and ardent devotees of Ayyappan Swami who are made to chant “Lá iláha illallah”, need to open their eyes and not remain Dhimmis in independent India.