Cow has been important in India since the Vedic period. In the beginning, cow was used as a medium of exchange and purchasing etc., and a man’s prosperity was calculated by the number of cows he had. Even from a religious point of view, the cow has been considered holy and killing it is a great sin.

According to Hindu religion, 33 crore deities reside in the cow. Koti does not mean crore, it means type. This means 33 types of deities reside in the cow. These deities are – 12 Aditya, 8 Vasu, 11 Rudra and 2 Ashwin Kumar. Together these make a total of 33.

Keeping a cow at home is considered very auspicious. It is said that there is never a shortage of money and grains in the house where there is a cow. Cow is considered one of the 14 gems in Hinduism. Cow is worshiped in some form or the other in most of the rituals and rituals in Hinduism.

Cows have been given utmost importance in the Indian society. Despite this, we see that in today’s time there is plight of cows. Cow has always been a sensitive issue in the country and politics has been taking place on it. But in a society where cow is worshipped, if faith is only in words, not from the heart, and there is no law protecting it, if there is no real pain in the heart, then what kind of society is that? According to Hindu religious scriptures, cow is called Gau Mata.

Much has been said in the Vedas, scriptures about the worship of mother cow. That’s why if a cow is killed by someone, it is considered a grave sin. Today the cow faces plight beyond imagine. The people who keep the cow have become selfish and will only look after it as long as the cow gives milk. Once the cow is unable to produce milk, they leave it as a stray on the streets. But there is not enough provision in the country for cows that are abandoned. As a result, they often become victims of accidents. Sometimes they eat plastic bags and become seriously ill.  There is no reprimand of people who abandon cows. If an abandoned cow dies due to an accident, then it should also be considered as cow slaughter. Cow is not just an animal. It is also the centrepoint of our faith as an Indian society. Some people hurt this faith by slaughtering cows, which should not happen.

The cows may suffer from lumpy disease, a common ailment among this species. Now only those who have cows at home are worried about the plight of cows. Is the responsibility of saving the cow only of the Animal Department, the rest of the society just watches the spectacle.

It is the duty of every Hindu in India to come forward to take care of the cows. It is our duty to all of us that if we see any cow injured or any accident happens anywhere along with that, we should give first aid to them (cows) and inform the people of Gaushala department soon.

A small cow shelter has been built near the Majlis Park metro station in Delhi. It is run by persons like Pawan Parashar, Ashwani Sharma, Hariom Sahoo, Sushil Rana and Naveen Gupta. These are the people who take care of cows that are sick or have accidents in the surrounding areas, and if a cow is found dead, it is cremated with full rituals.

All the people of the society should take inspiration from them and come forward to take care of the

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