The United Nations Human Rights tweeted on farmers’ protest in India and called upon authorities and protestors to exercise maximum restraint in the ongoing more than 70 day long protest.

The UN Human Rights tweet also mentioned that the rights to peaceful assembly and expression should be protected both offline and online. And it further stated that it is crucial to find equitable solutions with due respect to Human Rights for all.

Notably, the UN Human Rights body seems to have not noticed that 300 policemen were severely injured by the goondas, thugs and Khalistani terrorists who seiged the Red Fort and attacked the police in Delhi with swords and sticks on 26 th January marking the country’s 72nd Republic Day.

The so-called Tractor Rally was anything but peaceful, tractors were driven in break neck speed and crashed into police barricades to break them and mow down the police doing their duty.

The tractors were driven so recklessly that it was aimed at killing the security persons trying to restrain the lawless anarchists and violent rioters using the garb of protesters.

The so called protestors destroyed public property worth hundreds of crores and deviated into roads not meant for protests causing mayhem in residential areas of Delhi. Delhi was in complete disarray, because the central government respected the fundamental right to protest in democracy.

The UN Human Rights should caution its own so-called teenage juvenile, Greta Thunberg, for propagating a Khalistani secessionist ideologist agenda authored ‘Tool Kit’ for global protest which veritably aimed to undermine a sovereign country and a democratically elected Indian government to be defamed by a concerted pre-planned fraudulent protest mechanism.

By the way Thunberg and the UN should be aware that the rich farmers of Punjab, who at the forefront of protest, cause a lot of environmental degradation. They have drained Punjab of its ground water, use tons of pesticides manufactured by US companies which degrade the soil and insist on right to pollute air by burning of farm stubbles after a cycle of harvest.

Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal had paid a huge sum of 2.5 Million USD through his PR agency Skyrocket to international pop star Rihanna for posting a single tweet through her account in support of the vested interests propped farmer protests.

It is also claimed that the Khalistanis have paid crores of rupees to ex-porn star Miya Khalifa to tweet in support of the farmer protests.

The UN would do well if it cautions these international personalities to not sell their souls for a few silver coins to terrorist organisations which has in the 1980s and 1990s created mayhem in Punjab killing thousands of men, women and children under instigation by Pakistan to secede from India.

It is very touching that the UN Human Rights wants to insist on right of so-called protesters to express themselves online, when the government has been forced to cut off internet connection as riots and incendiary, provocative speeches and fake news are spread through net to cause mayhem that we saw in Delhi on 26 th January.

The same UN Human Rights was very quiet when President Donald Trump was shut off , silenced by social media platform and servers like Google and Apple blocked Parler free speech App just because it was used by Trump supporters. So, the right to protest for 80 million Americans who were Trump supporters were denied both offline and online under the garb of maintaining peace, law and order due to the unprecedented violence in Capitol Hill.

But when Red Fort in Delhi was attacked, the policemen in hundreds were beaten up and thrown down the ramparts and the Indian Tri-colour was removed and replaced by the Khalistani flag, the UN Human Rights is blind to violence committed by these set of protesters. Why is that so? Is it because the UN was a party to the pre-planned violence as its ambassador Greta Thunberg was sharing the Tool Kit they used for the farmers protest from January 23 rd onwards.

The UN Human Rights would do humanity a service if it concentrates on real human rights violations by the state like in Islamic terror sponsoring countries like Pakistan where minorities’ places of worship is blown apart, their women are kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam, Baluchistani people are murdered and simply made to disappear.

The UN should also warn its ambassadors to stay away from trying to create anarchy and human crises in sovereign civilized democratic countries by spreading mischief.


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