In a brazenly shocking incident a Muslim man has been caught stealing his Hindu neighbour’s cow, slaughtering it in his house bathroom and later selling it in the local market in Nejar, Udupi district, Karnataka.

Yamana Gangadhara, the owner of the cow had left his cow for grazing on Sunday morning June 6th after which the cow went missing. He searched everywhere for the cow and even asked his neighbour Ibrahim about the cow, Ibrahim feigned ignorance and pretended to search for the cow along with everyone else. After three days later it emerged from the CCTV footage that was installed near the premises, that Ibrahim had stolen the cow.

The video of the entire incident captured in the CCTV footage has gone viral in the social media. Gangadhar’s neighbour could be clearly seen trailing the cow and forcibly dragging it away around 11.45 am. Around 30 minutes later at 12.20 pm Ibrahim can be seen on the camera returning all alone.

Ibrahim as per a report in Udayavani, Ibrahim slaughtered the cow after stealing it in his bathroom and sold its meat in the local market. A case has been registered in this regard by the Maple police station and the police have arrested the accused.

The heinous crime of Cow slaughter is being carried out by Muslims with complete disregard to the law of the land and respect for the religious sentiments of Hindus. Cow slaughter, consuming beef and demeaning Hindu belief is a fashion statement for the communists, Islamists, Christian fundamentalists with backing from the ‘secular’ political parties.

The Vedic system had for thousands of years declared cow as a protected species for its great value to human beings as its milk, curd, ghee and even its urine and cow dung have exceptional medicinal values for human beings of all ages. Not just that, being with the cow and tending to it gives a lot of positive energy and heals mental depression related ailments. Sanatan Dharma institutionalised Gau Seva and Held Gaumata holy for the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of human beings.

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