The pro-Hindu political party, Indu Makkal Katchi’s Chief, Arjun Sampath said that Churches in Tamil Nadu determine political choices of Christians, by issuing diktats on which political party the Christians should vote for. Sampath pointed out that this was in gross violation of the secular democratic principles of the Constitution of India.

Arjun Sampath reportedly said this at a press conference recently held in the aftermath of huge protests on Pastor George Ponnaiah’s hate speech and his consequent belated arrest. George Ponnaiah in his speech at Kanyakumari on 18th July had apart from spewing venom against Hinduism and cursing PM Modi and Amit Shah, had claimed that DMK won the elections only because of Christian and Muslim votes.

Ponnaiah had also claimed that Christian Pastors of all denominations gave directions in Churches and went on door-to door campaign to Christian instruct them to vote only for the DMK in the recently held assembly elections which resulted in ensuring victory for the DMK. Sampath questioned Christian institutions and Churches, their authorities like Bishops Council etc to respond to the claims made by Pastor George Ponnaiah.

Sampath also urged the Election Commission to take notice of the statements made by Ponnaiah and take immediate action to ensure free and fair elections without the influence of religious institutions and religious figures determining the outcome of elections in a secular democratic nation.

Arjun Sampath also stated that the IMK would support AIADMK’s scheduled protest across Tamil Nadu on 28th July against the DMK government. Arjun Sampath also reportedly met AIADMK co-ordinator and opposition leader Edappadi Palaniswami at his residence to discuss the matter.

Arjun Sampath also said the Union Water Resources Minister has committed to allocate Rs 950 crores to protect the rivers of Tamil Nadu which is a boon for the state. He said the Government of Tamil Nadu, should use this funds from the Centre to protect the rivers in Nellai, Coimbatore, Chennai, Trichy and Tanjore. ‎He further noted that the Centre is keen on pursuing development projects in Tamil Nadu.

He urged the Tamil Nadu government to be more co-operative with the Centre to implement development projects beneficial for the state rather than adopting a confrontational attitude.

Notably, the IMK Chief and his party along with Hindu organisations like Hindu Mannani had also staged peaceful protests against the high-handed demolition of seven temples over 100 years old in Coimbatore by the Municipal Corporation under the garb of clearing out encroachments along the Muthanakulam bund for development projects.

The same local authorities turn a blind eye to illegal Dargahs standing right in the middle of a busy street in Combatore city encroaching public land. The DMK government also does precious little to clear out the entire Vajragiri hill illegally occupied by the Church blocking access to the 1500 year old ancient Shiva Temple atop the hill in Chengalpattu.

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