The new farm Bills in the medium to long term will result into –

1. Laying a heavy cost on Indians via increase in prices of food items (an apt punishment for breaking the ancestral agriculture lands and coming to urban areas) and rightly so as the farmer needs to be credited for the hard work and toil.

2. The poor farmers will either leave by selling their lands or jump to middle class level by entering into contracts with private sector for supplies at decent rates. (No more suicides and begging govt help)

3. The middle class and rich farmers are going to be further rich.

4. Only the corrupt APMC based middlemen, hoarders, cartels and babus misusing MSP system are made irrelevant here. (They want farmers to remain under their clutches like always)

5. The agriculture lands will once again reconsolidate with influx of heavy cash flows and hi tech stuff. The profitability in the sector will rise astonishingly that many farmer status families of tier 2 and 3 cities not doing farming since 2 generations will rush to get back again certified as farmers. (Do note PM Modi was hinting since 3 yrs that he aims to double farmers income by 2022)

6. The agriculture imports will go drastically down saving huge foreign reserves. (Reason why foreign countries are interfering)The fact remains that the farmers died/ conducted suicide all these 70 years and there wasn’t any protest. And according to these fake protestors, the “new bills” are “presumably bad” in advance ?.

NRC was presumably bad in advance.

CAA was presumably bad in advance.

Rafale deal was presumably bad in advance.

Removal of 370-35A was presumably bad in advance for kashmir.

Talking to China / not talking / taking action at LAC / not taking – all are presumably bad in advance. (without the standoff chapter even near a close)

Opposition parties and their anti-national donors-handlers are so advance. ?

The highly emotional and aggressive Sikh community is always on target of the anti-nationals to brainwash against the country and especially Hindus. Every good fighter group like Sikhs, Gujjars, Dalits.. is alienated and detached from the Hindus in a very programmed way. It started long back with Sardar jokes started by radicals to create a divide and animosity towards Hindus.

Sardarji ke bara baj gaye and people innocently laugh without knowing about the ill intentions of the anti-India narrative machine. It is about midnight 12, when the Sardars went crazy and fought Nadir Shah’s jihadis and saved Hindu women from being tortured and taken away as slaves.

There are three major kinds of protestor groups here. One, who possess “farm houses” created by looting poor farmers. Second, who steal fruits from farms, the petty radicals. The third pack is a professionally operated employees group working under a “paid protestors scheme”.

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