Andhra Pradesh, under the Christian CM Jaganmohan Reddy has witnessed a spate of attacks on Hindu temples since the YSRC government came to power. It is now fast becoming a Christendom where Hindu religious structures, culture and tradition is under severe threat. Evangelist Pastors have full freedom to convert forcibly Hindus to Christianity by offering money and threats to file false charges under SC/ST protection Act if the Hindus refuse to convert to Hinduism as written by the author of this article in previous writings.

The entire state administration under YS Jaganmohan Reddy is pushing for total Christian Inquisition of Andhra, much like what the Portuguese did in Goa.

The Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF) wrote a complaint letter to the Centre on Tuesday, March 2, asking for immediate action against the illegal construction of a church and the erection of a huge 2.5 ton steel cross on encroached public land at Edalpadu hill in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

The complaint letter states that, “The said construction of the illegal Church started a few months back and was noticed by villagers who made formal complaints with the Mandal Revenue Officer on 05-01-2021. As there is no response from Mandal Revenue Officer, locals wrote to Revenue Divisional Officer, District Collector, Principal Secretary (Mining) and Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh on 12-01-2021 seeking action in this matter but there is no response till date”, as reported by the The Commune magazine.

The letter further stated, “The intentional inaction of the concerned public authorities has led to the state where they had installed a huge metal cross of nearly 2.5 tons weight on the top of the mining hill. It shows the utter irresponsibility and negligence of the concerned officials and moreover raising doubt among the public that they got compromised with Christian organization”.

Despite several complaints lodged by the locals, to the authorities concerned, Illegal construction continued for weeks and no action was taken by Andhra Pradesh government officials to stop this illegal construction at Edlapadu hill in Guntur district.

The letter states that complaints seeking restraint on illegal construction were filed with the Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) Srinivas on 5 th January. However, no action was taken. Instead, the MRO told the complainant that he was getting calls from “the Home Minister”. The AP government Home Minister was perhaps pressurising the Mandal Revenue Officer to not take any actions against the illegal church construction by the powerful lobby of evangelists in Andhra.

Notably, local residents and activists associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party filed formal complaints on 12 January with the Revenue Divisional Officer, the District Collector, the Principal Secretary (Andhra Pradesh Department of Mines) and the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh and sought action against encroachment of the mining hill. But neither any action has been taken nor any response has been received for the complaints filed to the aforementioned authorities.

The Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF) in a tweet in the social media platform has alleged that the inaction seen in the Andhra Pradesh government officials is deliberate.

The Christian Evangelists have complete control over large tracts of public land in the area. They reportedly plan to build malls and commercialise the entire area, which is adjacent to a National Highway, thereby seeking to mint money by capturing prime real estate.

The LRPF, on Tuesday March 2, finally sent a petition to Prahlad Joshi, Union Minister of Mines giving details about the brazen encroachment of mining hill at Guntur district by the evangelists in Andhra. The letter pointed out that the Supreme Court had in its order on Special Leave to Appeal (Civil)No:8519/2006 dated 29-09-2009 had clearly directed that, “no unauthorized construction of any religious institution namely Temple, Church, Mosque or Gurudwara, etc., shall be permitted on any public street/ public space”.

The complaint letter thus urged that, “The above said act of encroaching public land and constructing religious structure comes under the contempt of Supreme Court, which is a serious crime. In the view of the above circumstances, we request your good office to intervene in this matter and take immediate action”.

The said complaint letter sought the Centre to take following measures: –

  1. Remove the illegal structures constructed at the encroached site
  2. Impose penalty on the Church and evangelical Organization which has committed the offence of illegally encroaching huge tracts of public land.
  3. Order a departmental enquiry and take action against concerned public authorities who intentionally ignored this huge illegality ignoring several complaints.

Also, Somu Veerraju, the BJP State President for Andhra Pradesh, had in a tweet given below pointed out that this activity of the predatory evangelist organisation apart from encroaching public land at Edlapadu for the construction of the huge Church complex and massive 2.5 ton steel Cross, it has come up in a place where SitaMata’s footprints and carvings of Narasimha Swamy once existed. Thus, an investigation has to be made whether the ancient Narasimha Swamy’s carvings and holy SitaMata’s footprints have been obliterated and broken to construct the huge Church complex and massive Cross.

It is shocking that the Christian evangelists are running riot in Andhra literally intimidating and terrorizing Hindus to convert to Christianity and breaking ancient Hindu temples in Andhra with active support and aide from the state administration under Christian YS Jagan Reddy and his evangelist brother-in-law, Anil Kumar.

The centre needs to take immediate action to stop construction of and demolish all illegal churches in Andhra and rebuild the ancient temples vandalised and broken by evangelist criminals. These evangelists should be also prosecuted criminally for harming religious structures, insulting Hindu Gods and coerce conversions to Christianity.

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