Friends, the summer season has started and it is very difficult to take care of your health this summer. During this season, a little carelessness can make you a victim of many diseases. In this Summer Season stay cool with these super healthy foods.

Therefore, in this season, such vegetables, fruits, and beverages should be included in your diet, which is rich in nutrients and water. During the summer season, light food should be used. We shall eat food with less oil and spices in this season. In summer, the temperature of the sun is so strong so that we need some cooler foods.

So, do not depend on cold drinks or ice cream only to get rid of summer eat fresh and healthy foods always.

Today we tell you what to eat in this summer season to keep you cool and refreshed.

Butter Milk (Whey) cools body temperature

Butter Milk is considered as nectar during the summer season. It is full of many nutritional properties. By drinking buttermilk your body’s immunity also increases. If you want to cool your body immediately due to the heat wave, then drink buttermilk (in hind it is called Mattha).

Butter Milk in Summer Season

Your digestion system remains good by drinking Matha after meals. In addition to calcium, buttermilk is rich in Protein, Vitamin B, and Potassium, which are considered good for the body. Besides, drinking it will also improve your immune system in this season.

Drinking watermelon juice is beneficial

The summer season has knocked and in this season fresh fruit and their juices are very beneficial for you. They bring coolness and keep you the energetic whole day. Summer fruits like melon, watermelon, and orange juice are very beneficial during the summer, which makes the body active and fit.

Watermelon syrup (sherbet) provides coolness to your body and balances the water level as well. It brings more shine to your skin. Minerals found in watermelon also protect your body from stomach upset during the summer.

Watermelon in Summer Time

A person must drink at least 2 glasses of watermelon juice during the summer season. Due to this, a sufficient amount of vitamin C, vitamin B5, B1, B2, B3, and B6 also reaches the body.

Drink coconut water this summer

Your body will keep hydrated and refreshed by drinking coconut water in summer. It is beneficial to those who do outside jobs and keep moving from one place to another during the summer season. They really need it to make them energized and protect them from heat stroke.

Coconut water in Summer

The coconut water immensely helps those who suffered from diarrhea, vomiting, and when the water level goes down in the body. Coconut water contains abundant electrolytes so it gives instant energy and enhances immunity level.

Use Mint lemonade and chutney (sauce)

The mind gets refreshed as soon as you hear the name of the mint and what to say when the mint syrup is there!! There are many benefits of delicious mint in food. In this heat, you must take mint syrup once a day. This will cool your body and control acidity. Mint and raw mango chutney can also be eaten in your lunch so that your digestion will remain healthy.

Mint in Summer Time

Go for Sattu (Balck Chickpeas)

This summer, use sattu. In Sattu, you can mix some roasted cumin powder, black salt (kala namak), and carom seeds (Ajwain) and make salty syrup (sherbet). This will give you relief from the heat, protects you from heatstroke, and strengthen your digestive system.

Black Chickpeas in Summer Season

If you take it in the morning, then there will be no formation of gas in the body. Your mind and body remain calm. Anyway, by its regular use, you will remain healthy and wealthy.

Cucumber is beneficial

Eating cucumber in the summer is considered very beneficial for health. The cucumber is enriched with Vitamin A, B1, B6, C, D, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. If you take regular cucumber juice, it makes the body strong and cool. Cucumber is a good source of water, it contains 96% water so it helps relieves constipation.

Cucumber is cool for summer

Lemonade (Lemon Water) or Lemon Syrup

Lemonade gives relief in the summer. It also controls the salts that get reduced in the body due to heat and humidity. Lemon also has many properties.

Lemon in Summer

We all know how beneficial lemon is for our body. It is a storehouse of Vitamin C and enhances your body’s immunity. You can use lemon in many ways this summer… like making lemon juice, lemon pickles and, shikanji. This will protect you from many types of diseases occurring in the summer and will maintain your immunity power.

Use Salad in food

The Salad should be used more in food. The salad contains 95 percent water. It has a very high protein content and low fat. Use of cucumber, tomato, and onion in salads.

Salad is good for summer

Mango Panna (Aam Panna)

Maybe you know how the smoothies that are made by cooking mint leaves in raw mangoes have settled our body with stroke in this heat?

It is consumed with great fervor in almost all places in India. It cools you from inside and keeps the body temperature under control.

Aam Panna in Summer

It is good for your digestive system and does not allow stomach diseases. In summer, most people are upset with their stomach ache because the food cannot be digested properly.

Must drink Gourd juice

The gourd is such a vegetable, which most people do not like especially our children. But due to the excessive amount of water in it, it is very beneficial in the summer. It contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, C.

Gourd juice is very cold and keeps you away from countless diseases. Many of us do not like to drink its juice, but it is very important for our health.

Gourd is good for health

Make gourd juice by mixing black pepper, two to three mints, and basil leaves in this summer season, and drink a glass daily,  so that your heart is healthy and your blood pressure is maintained.

If you want that this summer season does not bother you and you are healthy, then start taking these foods in your diet from today.

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