There is so much that has brought them together. Many commonalities, but nothing to do with our country. Our great country they seek to rule as entitled dynasties. To start looting again which they used to do earlier without let or hindrance.

They are like each other in dividing our people. What draws them together is their appeasement of minorities. They hate Hindus as a way of showing their love for Muslims and Christians. This gives them votes and a serious shot at getting closer to power. Good governance doesn’t return them anything electorally. It’s because they have little to offer by way of good governance.

Pakistan becomes an ally in their common scheme of appeasing minorities. Hence, 26×11 Mumbai terror attack is for them an RSS Sazish. Our scriptures are subjects of their ridicule. Bible and Quoran are held in utter reverence. Conversion to Abrahamic faiths is an article of faith for them. Reverse Conversion or Ghar Wapsi is Hindutva bigotry at work.

One quotes Ram Charit Manas to declare Hinduism is steeped in Bramhinical supremacy over other lower castes. South vs North, Hindi vs regional languages narratives are spun to create new faultless. It’s okay to have Muslims vote as a single entity, as do Christians too. But urging Hindus to be united is a big taboo.

So much is their antipathy to Hindus that, they describe Shanatan Dharm as dengue, malaria and whatnot to be exterminated from the soil of India. Yes, Udaynidhi Stalin, the son of MK Stalin, chief minister of Tamilnadu, has said so in public in great gusto. Congress party has come out in support of this outrageous hatespeech.

They are a bunch of miserable power-hungry politicians out to destroy the very fabric of the country in their lust to come to power. It’s in the hands of Shanatanis to stand as one to foil their plans.

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