From past few days witnessing internal battle between the oppositions. Starting from Trinamool Congress led by Mamta Banerjee lashing out at the Indian National Congress to Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal taking on Trinamool Congress recently during his Goa election campaigns.

Watching these internal rift between the opposition gives a sense of happiness to the pro Civilizational people and BJP members and supporters as it will give a cakewalk to Bhartiya Janta Party in winning the Goa elections.

Recently Arvind Kejriwal took to Trinamool Congress who decided to go for the Goa elections. Arvind Kejriwal in his election campaign in Goa, Panaji said “I think you people give a lot of importance to TMC. I think TMC doesn’t have even a 1% vote share as of now. It came to Goa only 3 months back, democracy doesn’t work like this. You need to work hard, you need to work among people”. He further added “You might give a lot of importance to TMC but I don’t think it stands anywhere in the race”.

Few days ago the mouthpiece of Trinamool Congress led by Mamta Banerjee has come up with a editorial which went on to hit hardly at the Indian National Congress. The headline of the editorial read “Congress is in deep freezer”.

The article in Jago Bangla wrote “The TMC has been saying this for a long time that the Congress is a spent force. They don’t have the zeal to fight the BJP. The party is so bogged down by infighting that it hardly has time or energy to build an opposition. The UPA does not exist.” It further added, “The country currently needs an alternative front and opposition parties have given that responsibility to Mamata Banerjee. They are looking up to her to fill the vacuum. She is presently the most popular opposition face in the country,”. The Article said people are looking Mamta Banerjee as the alternative of Rahul Gandhi.

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