There are certain definitions set up inside our minds which categorises all the experiences we can have in this world, and as soon as we observe certain conditions on the outside world it bridges the missing connection which invokes the emotion of that certain situation giving us myriad experiences. The real setup for every emotion lies within us according to our conditioning and to break that barrier of conditioning we need to spend some time with ourself introspecting and acting and evolving through time. We always try to find happiness and joy in the outside world without realising that we have become mechanical because of our pre-defined notions and only the outside stimulus is controlling all the emotions we are having at every point of time. We keep looking for favourable conditions outside not realising that the conditions are constant ,the favourableness is the structure projected by our mind and if that virtual projection is not matched with the outside world we say conditions are not favourable. The basic mistake we commit is that we are not allowing ourselves to observe us the way we are. We think about the past experiences accumulated over the years and that accumulation creates a projection of future based totally on past, this back and forth process can only be experienced in present. Due to multiple projections we consider present as only the state which is always in pursuit of already projected idea and that present moment becomes either a boon or curse according to the one’s projected idea. This present moment is never free from any relative comparison, we all evaluate our present moment in relation to some idea or belief which we want to achieve and if that is not going according to our own preconceived way then we try to find escape from the present moment and do multiple things which will only distract us from what we want to achieve. Embracing the present moment without any comparison and prejudice is the real meaning of meditation. There is no goal or final destination in the journey of self discovery or introspection ,the journey in itself is the destination and after sometime there is no difference between the journey and the destination as both become similar through introspection.The reasoning, the words ,they all helps to create the perception, as reason is the helper ,reason is the bar and to go beyond this time-space continuum we need to introspect and see through the underlying fundamental unity in this universe.

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