Mountains are exact replicas of our life situations, focus on one step at a time and the ones walking towards the high peaks will find it difficult to walk 10 steps at a time, while people run on plain ground effortlessly. Don’t compare your small steps with the people running on plains, our goals are high and will require much effort to traverse the distance.
These unfinished expeditions of life , they connect me back to life, that not everything is always done in the first attempt, that life is not picture perfect and squeaky shining like how we see for so many people around us on social media, in movies. These expeditions remind me that something needs more courage, practice, patience and perseverance than it seems like and beyond everything, you need the right time to reach that cliff/peak/goal which lures you, but just because you aren’t there yet doesn’t mean you won’t be there, and just because the end result was not achieved this time, does not mean the experience was not worth it, every bit always is.

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