A 22-year-old Iranian lady who has been detained by Tehran’s “Morality Police” because of her clothing choices, and was declared brain dead earlier this week. Mahsa Amini was brought to a detention facility known as a “re-education class” after being arrested by the police and allegedly beaten in the vehicle for disobeying the nation’s laws requiring women to wear hijabs.

According to reports, Amini, an Iranian citizen from Saghez, was visiting Tehran for a pleasure trip. The woman was waiting at the Shahid Haghani Expressway entrance with her brother Kiarash when the “Morality Police” showed up and took Amini into custody for a one-hour “re-education program.”

The woman was taken by the authorities to the Vozara Avenue police station, where dozens of other women were previously detained for disobeying the nation’s laws requiring women to wear the hijab. They humiliated the women and instructed them on how to adhere to the nation’s dress codes.

The victim’s brother, Kairash, claims that the police van obstructed his sister’s way and kidnapped her. When Kairash attempted to prevent the arrest of his sister, the police beat and tore at his arm. After he untangled himself, they told him Mahsa would be transported to the station and released following an hour-long “lesson in re-education.”
When Kairash followed the police van to Vozara Avenue, he happened to see 60 to 70 people carrying clothing for the women who were being held there. He claimed to have witnessed several women being released from the holding facility as other inmates screamed for their life.

He claimed that when the police told him that one of the troops was hurt, they were lying to him. But one of the ladies who had been freed told Kairash that Mahsa had been hurt and that she had been nearby when the incident took place. The police then transported the victim to Kasra Hospital. When Kairash arrived at the hospital, he discovered that his sister had suffered critical wounds.

The victim, according to the hospital staff, had both a heart attack and a stroke. Although her brain was no longer working, they claimed that her heart was still beating.

In an interview with Iran Wire, Kairash claimed that it took hours from the time Mahsa was arrested for her body to be taken to the hospital. He claimed that the beating and the consequent delay in receiving medical attention pushed her into a critical stage.
When news of Mahsa’s coma appeared on social media, security agents were called to the hospital. Despite a police officer at the hospital guaranteeing that Mahsa’s attacker, not her family, would be investigated, her family has also been under police observation since Tuesday night.

While this was going on, Kairash attempted to file a legal complaint against the police, but the Tehran courthouse told him to go to the Vozara Avenue headquarters instead. Kairash added, “They gave me a letter and told me to go to the headquarters in Vozara Avenue to register my complaint there. It’s like asking my father to name the murderer if I killed someone in our house. But I won’t allow this to end in silence. I will tell everyone in Iran what happened.”

Meanwhile, cops have been attempting to conceal the situation. According to a statement issued by the Tehran Police on Thursday, Mahsa already had a cardiac condition and had never been physically assaulted.

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