After the attack in Islamabad, many countries have warned their people. Australia has issued an advisory asking people to be cautious.

Pakistan Terror Attacks: Australia has also taken a big step regarding the possible attack in Pakistan. Australia has asked all the officials staying at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad to leave. Following the recent Islamabad bombings, the US and UK embassies issued warnings of a possible terror attack for their citizens in Islamabad, Pakistan, which has now been followed by Saudi Arabia and Australia.

After the attack in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia has said that its officials should be careful. Apart from this, Saudi has told its officials to stay indoors unless there is an emergency.

Australia issued advisory 

Australia has issued this advisory after the bomb blast in Islamabad last week. A policeman and a taxi driver were killed in the bomb blast. Australian Ambassador to Pakistan Neil Hawking tweeted and advised people to avoid non-essential travel. He further said that Australian authorities in Islamabad have been advised to increase vigilance and limit travel within the city.

High alert for 48 hours

The Islamabad administration has said to stop all election-related programs with immediate effect. Apart from this, high alert has been declared for 48 hours. Apart from this, Australia has asked its people to contact the embassy in case of emergency.

There have been attacks before.

In 2008, a suicide bomber rammed a truck carrying 600 kg of explosives into the outer gate of the five-star Marriott Hotel, killing 60 people. A part of the hotel was completely destroyed in the attack, which was later closed and reopened a few months later.

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