People have given various reactions on social media on the Christmas celebrated in the Islamic country of Saudi Arabia. Celebrating Christmas in Arabia has always been controversial.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohd. Bin Salman (source- twitter)

Christmas Celebration in Saudi Arabia : For the first time in the Islamic country of Saudi Arabia, the Christmas festival has been celebrated with great pomp. The brightness of Christmas has surprised everyone. There has been a lot of change after Mohammed bin Salman became the Crown Prince. Earlier, Christmas related items were also sold secretly at the shops.

This time, the brightness of Christmas has also been seen in many malls of the capital Riyadh. The leading newspaper ‘The Arab News’ has also published a special edition for the first time on the occasion of Christmas. Many conservative people there are also very angry on this matter.

Has always been controversial

In fact, congratulating on non-Islamic festivals has always been a controversial issue in Saudi Arabia. However, this time a senior Muslim cleric has said something very shocking about Christmas. He said, it is not written anywhere in Islam that congratulating on the festival of any other religion is prohibited.

Young people are very happy

According to a report, after seeing the government’s stand regarding Christmas, there is a lot of happiness among the youth. A professional there said that many of his friends are enjoying the Christmas festival. People are expressing their happiness on social media.

Many reactions are coming on social media

On Christmas being celebrated in Saudi Arabia, a Twitter user said that may Allah show the right path to the people of Saudi Arabia. A user said in a questioning tone that is this how Eid and Ramadan are celebrated in western countries? At the same time, a Bangladeshi user called it completely shameful.

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