Hindu Woman Killed In Pakistan : Cases of violence against minority communities in Pakistan keep coming. Recently, a Hindu woman Daya Bhil was brutally murdered in the Sindh province of Pakistan. After which India has asked Pakistan to protect the minorities. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi gave information about this during the press conference.

Brutal murder of minority Hindu woman in Pakistan. (Image Source: @keshoobai)

Arindam Bagchi said that we have seen reports about this matter. However, we do not have clear information about this matter. He said that despite this, we have reiterated that Pakistan should protect, protect and welfare of its minorities, which is their responsibility. There has been a ruckus in Sindh province of Pakistan since the brutal murder of Hindu woman Daya BhBhil.

Beheaded and skinned – 

After getting information about the incident, PPP Senator Krishna Kumari immediately reached the village of the deceased Daya Bhil in Sindh province of Pakistan. He confirmed the news of the brutal murder of the woman. He wrote in a tweet that Daya Bhil, a 40-year-old widow, was brutally murdered and her body was found in a very bad condition. Daya Bhil’s head was beheaded and the killers removed the skin from his head. The police of Sinjhoro and Shahpurachkar had reached his village.

No one issued a reply on the death of Daya Bhil

NGO The Rise News tweeted that Daya Bhil’s murder was not raised in the media. No politician from Sindh province and Islamabad issued a statement regarding this. Have the police caught the criminals? Will Hindus be treated as equal citizens in their motherland Sindh?

Britain had imposed restrictions on Maulana

According to a Toronto-based think tank, recently the British government has imposed restrictions on Muslim Maulana Mian Abdul Haq for forced conversion and marriage of minority girls and women. The International Forum for Rights and Security said the latest restrictions have again brought the worsening situation of minorities in Pakistan into the limelight. Mian Abdul Haq has been called a controversial Sindhi Peer by the local media organization of Pakistan, The Dawn. The ban on Maulana is a new wave of bans on corrupt actors. Those accused of human rights violations and sexual harassment.

Mian Abdul has been the leader of PPP

According to the International Forum for Rights and Security, from 2008 to 2013, Mian Abdul Haq was the Member of Parliament of the Pakistan People’s Party. He was expelled from the party for forcibly converting and marrying Rinkle Kumari, a girl from the minority Hindu community. This Pir is commonly known as Mian Mithu.

Mian Mithu’s havoc in Sindh province

According to Pakistani newspaper The Dawn, Mian Mithu continues to face allegations of forced conversions and marriages of minor Hindu girls in Sindh province. The report of the International Forum for Rights and Security states that after the UK ban comes into force, the person concerned will not be able to do any business or economic activity with the citizens or companies here in the country. There will also be a ban on his entry into Britain.

Human rights situation worsens in Pakistan

Activist says that the condition of human rights in Pakistan is very bad. Many media reports and international organizations have described the condition of women, minorities, children and media persons in Pakistan as bad. Forcible conversions and attacks on minority communities are on the rise in Sindh. Forced conversions of minor minority Hindu, Sikh, Christian girls have become a common phenomenon in Pakistan.

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