After Shivaji Maharaj’s death, Sambhaji became the king of Marathas. For nine years, he put up a gallant resistance against Mughals. However, he was betrayed by his own. In 1689, his whereabouts were revealed to Mughals by Shirke family who were his relatives. Mughal troops suddenly fell upon a resting Sambhaji and captured him. He was dressed as buffoon and paraded on camel. Wife and daughters were captured and enslaved.

Aurangzeb offered to spare Sambhaji’s life if
1)He converted to Islam
2) surrendered forts, men and treasures . .

“I won’t convert to Islam even if Aurangzeb bribed me with marriage to his daughter” thundered Sambhaji. His eyes were plucked out. His tongue was cut out. After a fortnight’s physical torture, his limbs were hacked into pieces and fed to dogs. Maasir I Alamgiri is the official” Mughal-sponsored history record of Aurangzeb. While describing ISIS-like punishments meted out to “Kafir” Sambhaji with glee, it says Aurangzeb did it “out to his devotion to Islam so that Muslims might be heartened and (Hindu) infidels disheartened.”

Source: “Maasir-i-Alamgiri” of Saqi Must’ad Khan. English translation by Jadunath Sarkar.

Credit – Trueindology

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