“Indian Occupied Kashmir” prominent Term used by Islamic Jihadi terrorists to kill Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits is now being used in Law question paper set up under Kejriwal Govt

Language used in Manifesto of Maoist Terror group is also directly copy pasted in the LL.M. question paper

This language that directly supports terrorism against India and terms that are used to kill Thousands of Indian Citizens by terrorists is commonly applied in Delhi Law University question paper

This question paper was set up by Prof Vinod Kumar for LL.M. students of Delhi Law University that operates under Kejriwal Govt and Manish Sisodia directly controls the budget and functioning of this Law University.

This Jihadi language is used in online exam for LL.M. – II semester students in July this year as part of Online take home assessment 2020 by the Delhi Law University. Many studies shows that such tactics are used by recruiters of ISIS to identify and shortlist future potential Jihadi terrorists among students. This is very serious if this has reached to Delhi University

Vinod Kumar is Director, Center for Human Rights and Subaltern Studies at Delhi Law University.

It is well known that urban naxals have long been using universities and colleges to spread poison against India and to justify killing of Indian citizens by Jihadi terrorists and Maoist Terrorists. But this is first time in Delhi when such pro jihadi language is used and indirectly an attempt is done to justify Jihad and Maoist Naxal violence in India.

This language used in Delhi Law University question paper is also in violation of laws and resolutions passed by Parliament of India. Seems there is now an attempt to make Delhi Law University as future ground for Jihad and violence against Indian Citizens.

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