Congress’ cosiness with “journalists” from mainstream media is well known. Supriya Shrinate, a former executive editor with Times Group and daughter of Congress leader Harshvardhan Singh, gave up her job as a ‘journalist’ just two weeks before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections to jump into the fray as Congress candidate from Maharajganj constituency in UP. She of course lost her deposit also at the hustings. Her father, Harshvardhan Singh was a two-time MP from Maharajganj.

So, Supriya Shrinate, the unofficial spokesperson of the Congress as a ‘journalist’ was soon appointed as the official spokesperson of the party soon after the party was decimated in 2019 elections.

Used to running a one-sided debate as a journalist, she is so short tempered that she descends to the level of abusing her political rivals, especially when she is unable to debate logically.

On Sunday, during a debate Supriya abused BJP’s spokesperson in a live debate on Aaj Tak by calling him, “Tum do kaudi ke gande nali ke keede ho”. She continued with her string of abuses even after being ticked off by the anchor, Anjana Om Kashyap.

Sambit Patra later tweeted, “Gali wali Madam, Friends do remember one thing — for the so-called ‘Gandhi Family’ at the end of the day we are all ‘Do kaudi ke gande nali ke keede’ while they are all ‘Sahzade’ & ‘Sahzadis’. Never Forget & Never Forgive. The Dynasts should get it back”.

Supriya’s bad behaviour and sense of entitlement created an outrage in twitter, with people taking a dig on the party’s dynastic culture and their claim to power as birth right. They damn care for democracy and peoples’ choice as the Congress eco-system of card carrying media members and academicians have always pushed the idea that only the Nehru dynasty is entitled to rule India like their fiefdom.

Sandip Ghose, a political commentator tweeted, “Sense of Entitlement” is a perk of being a #Congress office bearer. It is like a “privy purse” of the GOP. Especially true for 2nd/3rd generation Congressis. By extension -members of the eco-system – journalists, public intellectuals etc also claim it.”

Senior Congress leaders are well known for their misogynistic, anti-Hindu, anti-Indian Army statements. Some leaders did not even spare a sitting Army Chief, Bipin Rawat when he was called “Sadak ka Goonda” by Sandeep Dixit, son of ex-Delhi CM, Sheila Dixit.

Sometime back, in live TV one of Congress’ spokespersons, Rajeev Tyagi abused News18 anchor Amish Devgan live on TV by calling him a ‘Bhadwa Dalal’ just because he was asking the Congress uncomfortable questions about the Congress leadership and their pro-Pakistan policy. Anyway, what can be said of a party whose Chief Sonia Gandhi called PM Modi, ‘Maut ka Saudagar’? Isn’t she setting the standard for everyone to emulate?

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