What did that CJI say about pendency of cases, few days back? Man, 108, Dies Just Before Supreme Court Hears Case He Filed In 1968. There are 1000’s and 1000’s of cases like these in courts.

Sad story of a common man who got scammed & received no relief from Court. But as per new CJI and TDP stooge, this is not how you should judge judiciary what’s important is they make woke statements and interfere in administration and Hindu religion and give gyaan and help in regime changes. GOI must introduce new laws so that Court proceedings can conclude in time. Here a 108 years old man died fighting a case for 53 years without any relief from Court.

This is only one example. There are many such cases who are fighting for 100s of years now for 2 to 3 generations and finally giving up. No other democratic country has this type of rot. Time limit or statuary timeline needs to be introduced in Bharat .Judges appoint judges thus the comfort of job and facilities has ruined the common public who keep on waiting for judgements. Irrespective of alignment GOI should come out with law to facilitate this.


What SC effectively said on Kerala opening up for Bakrid is that

“It is not correct. Petitioner can check how many died because of this decision AND THEN he can approach us. We will offer our condolences and Stictly order Modi Govt to pay compensation. Now go and eat the Goat”

We need to decode SC Judgements so that it reaches common people.

After two weeks, SC will say – It is an important festival and people wanted to celebrate, we know. We mentioned restrictions. We did what is necessary. Central govt should’ve provided open air oxygen.

?Same SupremeCourt that recently passed order against UttarPradesh govt to ban KanwarYatra refuses to quash EidAlAdha relaxations given by Kerala govt. This is peak communalism by Bharat’s apex courts reducing Hindus to second class citizens.

?The hesitation of SupremeCourt represents a larger Hindu hesitation reflected in all state institutions be it the govt, police or judiciary. Bharatiya laws don’t apply to muslim citizens. Plain and simple. A civilisation crisis that will end with a bloody balkanisation of Bharat.

?I know of no other society in the world barring Bharat ‘s Hindu society that survives with such meekness. The abject poverty and inner divisions make it worse. An entire civilisation marching ahead to revive the collective subjugation. Competely doomed!

Sample Judge DY Chandrachud

?As per Rockstar DY Chandrachud “The heart of judging, the core of judging is that it’s an expression of yourself. It’s a form of self-expression about what the judge considers to be a just society.” And I must say their idea of a just society is biased and faulty.

?Close links and family ties between Justice Chandrachud and thug Chidamabram are well known in legal circles much like his proximity to Priyanka Vadra

?Same Justice Chandrachud has avoided declaring his assets on the Supreme Court website so far

?Media that correctly questions politicians spotted with fraudsters/criminals won’t question Justice Chandrachud who chill in evening with his friend & Congress leader Chidambaram after hearing his (& son’s) matter in the day

?Reading Justice Chandrachud and his farcical claims on Aadhar violating fundamental rights blah blah, I am convinced that if he was not son of former CJI he would most surely end up as a staff writer for Thewire.

?In any other democracy, bench fixers and Soros backed Judges such as Rockstar would face impeachment by the law.

Biased Views On Dharmic Festivals

The dharmik Hindus in the government may not want the Kanwar Yatra to be sullied worldwide like the Kumbh Mela which was blamed for the second wave with no evidence. But what these dharmiks forget is that by stopping the yatra, they have already handed over the victory to the motivated propagandists who ran a vicious campaign against Kumbh Mela.

As far as the SC is concerned, beyond dhimmitude, if we dig deeper, we will find a more noxious principle: the essential practices test (EPT) doctrine. What is common in the judiciary’s pronouncements in cases related to Jallikattu, Dahi Handi, Sabarimala and Kanwar Yatra? They are centuries old traditions practised by millions but they are not sourced from a single religious book. The court’s attitude generally is to wonder “what’s the necessity of such rituals?” (as former Chief Justice Deepak Misra once quipped while hearing the Jallikattu case). It looks for a Bible or Quran type of text to establish legitimacy of Hindu traditions and practices without realising how fundamentally different Hinduism is from Abrahamic faiths.

If it keeps applying the Abrahamic test, no ritual will survive scrutiny because what is essential is not defined in Hinduism. Jallikattu is essential to the Tamil Hindus but not for Maharashtra ones. Dahi Handi is essential to Maharashtra Hindus but not for the Tamil ones.

This attitude explains why judiciary treats religious matters of Hindus with suspicion, which prima facie needs to be examined within the bounds of the Constitution, while the religious aspects of Abrahamic religions with piety, which prima facie need to be respected and protected. Such an attitude is expected when Justice D Y Chandrachud, the next Chief Justice, views the Constitution as ‘primary spirit of counter-majoritarianism’.

At a fundamental level, the mentality behind the interpreters of the Constitution (and perhaps the Constitution itself) seems more inspired by the values of British colonialism than those of the Indian civilisation — a topic that SC advocate J Sai Deepak has explored in his latest book.

Diversity has been a strong suit of Hinduism over the centuries. But it has also prevented Hindus from uniting on religious matters. The way forward is not to crush diversity and aim for uniformity but to preserve the diversity and strengthen the Hindu consciousness nationally, irrespective of sampradayas. Therein lies the biggest challenge.

Dhimmitude and it’s solution

?Supreme court aka joke of Bharat went on Bakrid holiday so they don’t have to take a position on Kerala.
Request govt, we should scrap supreme court, rename them as constitutional courts, bringing them to original mandate of constitution and constituent assembly.

? Overwhelmingly so called supreme court is doing job which normally a district court does in US or used to do earlier in Bharat.

?Job of SC was constitutional interpretation & they are everything except that including trying to become the 3rd chamber of parliament.

?Time to move the PIL business to district courts and rename SC as constitutional court, bring back Judicial accountability act. Move the work of District & sessions court to Lok adalats- one in every Tehsil. Effectively making High courts the highest court of appeal.

?Mandate constitutional courts to not take more than 100 cases/year.

?We can’t allow unelected and unaccounted to give sermons from the bully pulpit. If it means to drag them out screaming , so be it.

?We, the people of Bharat, gave ourselves a constitution and these jokers have neither read it nor intend to understand it.

?Biggest reform Modi govt can do in service of democracy is to reverse the encroachment of courts into legislative domain. It starts with doing away with PIL business work from SC to district courts.

Bring back judicial accountability act. Every democracy appoints judges.

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