Christians are known to have taken or stolen the festivals of pagans in order to accelerate the pace of propagation of Christianity throughout the world. By taking pagal festivals and presenting them as festivals with Christian roots, Christians try to make non Christians engage with Christianity and then gradually grab them when the bond becomes stronger. Christmas as we know is one such festival. Let’s talk about another such festival Easter.

Easter originally had nothing to do with Jesus Christ. The word ‘Easter’ DOES NOT even occur in the Bible. It was a pagan festival named after the Goddess Eostre. The festival and the Goddess predated Christianity by thousands of years.The word “Easter” does not occur in the Bible. In only one of the late English translations, it is mentioned only once where it is used not as a Christian festival, but just as a synonym for the Jewish passover.

April is the Latin name of the current month. The English name of the current month is Eostre Month. It is named after the Goddess Eostre in whose honour feasts were celebrated by Pagans in this month. This information comes from the 8th-century Latin text De Temporum Ratione. With the introduction of Christianity, all traces of worship of Goddess Eostre were completely wiped out from England.

However, the name of Goddess Eostre still survives in several names of places in England such as Eastry, Eastrea, Eastrington etc.Eostre is the Goddess of spring and dawn. As such, she seems to be etymologically and semantically cognate (distantly related) to Vedic Goddess Usha. (Credit-Trueindology).

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