Hinduphobic media, with its deep rooted hatred for the RSS and Hindus, could not bear that the story of an 85 year old RSS Swayamsewak’s supreme sacrifice of giving up his life to save a young Covid positive man with kids and wife, had become awe inspiring in a self-centred society grappling with a raging second wave of Covid-19.

So, the Hindu-hating media did not spare the 85 year old departed soul and went on a spree to vilify the old man and his family to try and prove that the story is false. For this mission, the Loksatta (Marathi edition of Indian Express), goes to a wrong hospital to check “facts” and declares the incident never happened!

The 85 year old RSS Swayamsevak Narayan Dabhadkar Covid positive patient from Nagpur, had sacrificed his life by vacating a hospital bed in favour of a younger man in his 40s suffering from Covid with young wife and children struggling for a bed in the hospital for treatment.

Its sister concern, the Indian Express, infamous for the headline “And They Hanged Him” the day after convicted 1993 Mumbai blasts terrorist Yakub Memon was hanged, goes on a fact check mission on the Dabadhkar story and tries to harass the family and the concerned hospital doctors in Nagpur, for trying to establish the story as false.

Fraudulent Media Reports of Fake Muslim Heroes Who Cremated Hindus

The same media, very brazenly publishes and glorifies unverified fake stories of ‘Muslim Heroes’ who performed cremation rites of Hindu men dying of Covid.

Fabrication of Muslim Hero Story By Times Of India

In April last year, the Times of India had published a story about how five Muslim men arranged cremation rites of a Hindu man named Venu Mudhiraj an autorickshaw driver from Hyderabad who died of Covid as the other Hindus refused to help his family.

Journalist Swati Goel of Swarajya magazine confirmed the story as fake as a local journalist from Hyderabad informed her that the family of the deceased have refuted the claim of the Times of India and the Muslims. The family of the deceased informed that a group of five men claiming to be the deceased Hindu man’s friends wanted to carry his bier along with his other relatives, to which the family agreed. The five men took pictures of carrying the bier and the fake news was planted in the media that the Muslim men had organised the cremation due to opposition from their Hindu neighbours. While the truth was, the deceased Hindu man’s younger brother spent Rs.3,500 of his hard earned money for the funeral and the Times of India, gave the credit to 5 Muslim men for doing nothing!

Fake Story Of Muslim Hero By Amar Ujala Hailed By Hinduphobics like Abhishar Sharma, Ravish Kumar, Muhammad Zubair

Now again Swati Goel Sharma has busted another fabricated story of fake ‘Muslim Hero’ Mohammad Younis, who performed the cremation of a friend Anubhav Shrama from Muzaffarnagar as his family refused to perform his cremation as he died of Covid.

The deceased Anubhav Sharma’s elder brother, Sharad spoke to Swati Goel and informed her that Anubhav Sharma did not even have Covid! Sharad Sharma said that he performed his brother’s cremation in the presence of his family and friends and he was pained to read news report and see social media posts defaming the family. Sharad said that Mohammad Younis was just a family friend and participated in a ritual where all friends and family pay obeisance to the dead person. Sharad said, mischievously, no photographs of the Pandit performing the rituals were taken and only Younis’ photos were taken and landed up in the media. Sharad said that his families religious sentiments are deeply hurt over the wrong portrayal in the media.

The usual Hinduphobics in the media, viz Abhishar Sharma, Ravish Kumar, Mohammad Zubair were quick to lap up the fake story of ‘Muslim Hero’ as usual in this case too.

There has been a consistent effort across all media, print, electronic and social media platforms to create a narrative of “Muslim Heroes” during the Corona pandemic, since the time the super spreader Tabhlighi Jamat Makaz event happened in Delhi last year along with a host of stories of the Covid infected Islamists deliberately spitting at doctors, nurses, healthcare workers which went viral.

Videos of Islamists deliberately spitting while making rotis in dhabas or spitting on vegetables and fruits or soiling currency notes with spit with dialogues like, ‘Allah will save us but Hindus will surely die of Corona’ accompanying their acts have certainly unnerved the Hindus.

To counter this, the usual Hindu bashers in the media started planting fake stories of ‘Muslim Heroes’ during the raging pandemic, while dismissing true stories of chivalry and sacrifice by several Hindu organisations and Hindus as fake, as invariably such true heroes are associated with the larger Sangh Pariwar whose motto is Selfless Sacrifice and Dedication to the Society and Nation.

News input and image source: Opindia

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