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Dear GOI,

Please go ahead and appoint @BharadwajSpeaks (his twitter id) for this historic noble cause as he has done immense hard work (earlier as True Indology) in busting the propaganda (with non-refutable solid proofs and refences) created by the Nehruvian ecosystem in our history textbooks that:
a) hardly has any focus on our culturally super rich ancient civilization with roots in Sanatana Dharma that once had covered entire globe, now reduced to one single broken nation in today’s India;
b) glorifies Islam and hides the barbaric deeds of its super-spreaders – the Jihadis (Mughals/Turks) since their invasion;

Following high level pending corrections is a must:
1) Islam spread globally by sword;
2) Bharat due its tolerant and naive nature lost 1/3rd of its people and civilization to Islam;
3) the evangelical British installed their missionary machineries which lead to conversion of multi-faith Dharmic Hindu open, inclusive system to totalitarian, exclusive, heathen hating, fearful cults like Christianity. Christianity propagates slavery and brainwashes people in the name of spirituality to segregate themselves from treat of humanity and humanity as well. Goa inquisition is a classic case in this regard which must be taught in schools.

Please make the corrections in our history school books with facts so that the coming generation is aware of it and a sense of collective consciousness is developed for the betterment of our nation and humanity ?

Jai Hind


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