K. Annamalai lashed out at Nawabzade for underestimating BJP in Tamil Nadu politics

The Recent speech of Nawabzade Rahul Gandhi at the Lok Sabha clearly showed the fear of BJP Tamilnadu President K Annamalai inside anti-hindu political parties in Tamil Nadu.

Rahul Gandhi went up to hit Bhartiya Janata Party that they will never be able to politically conquer Tamil Nadu but the question rises why Rahul Gandhi and other dhumeel political parties are so desperate about the politics of Tamil Nadu. Is this because of the rising stature of K. Annamalai.

After the senseless speech of Rahul Gandhi, the hope of Bharat, the hope of Tamil Nadu, the hope of Bhartiya Janta Party wrote a thread of tweets where he toop upon Rahul Gandhi for underestimating BJP.

K Annamalai wrote-
We are as usual amused by Shri RahulGandhi ji’s sudden outburst in Parliament today.In his incoherent monologue, he mentioned ‘BJP TamilNadu can never come to power in Tamil Nadu’.Let me guide Shri RahulGandhi ji on what will happen soon, as a son of this great Tamil land.
1. You had ‘ruled over’ Tamil Nadu as a party for some time. Your grand father deliberately pushed compulsory Hindi in 1965 & in 1986 by your father. Pls read NEP now
2. Insulted the great Kamarajar Aiyaa
3. Ceded Katchathivu to a foreign country by your grand mother in 1974 !
4. Your party was responsible for what happened to Srilankan Tamils in Srilanka. Remember: 2009!
5. Our Hon PM is rebuilding their life by 50,000+ houses
5. Called Jallikattu, ‘a barbaric sport’ and banned it.
6. Our Hon PM had to fight from the courts and get it back to Tamil Makkal

The result: you are in ICU now with oxygen supply from DMK! We are in power in Puducherry now, thanks to people who accepted our Hon PM’s vision! That’s a mile stone and the very next junction will be Tamil Nadu. Tamil Makkal are with BJP TamilNadu & narendramodi ji.

Never forget ‘History’ sir. You will be condemned to repeat it. Like it happened to you in Amethi! Bye bye sir, for the time being, till you run away to the next artificial issue that you create.

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