Fearless actress Kangana Ranaut lashed out at the so called “activists” for showing selective morality and not speaking out for Kishan Bharwad.

Kangana Ranaut took to her social media to share a post bashing woke activists for not speaking out for Kishan Bharwad. She wrote a post in her Facebook account “Kishan Bharwad murder was planned by a mosque and maulvi over a FB post because he thought God did not like his post. Killing in the name of God needs to stop, we are not living in some medieval age, and Govt needs to take strong action against such Killings. Kishan was hardly 27 years old and had a two months old daughter, he was asked to delete his post and apologise he did the same, yet he was brutally killed by four men, he is nothing short of a martyr. He died for everyone’s freedom, such people are the ones who are stopping this nation from becoming Afghanistan … his widow should get pension, Om Shanti”.

Kangana Ranaut also shared stories in her Instagram handle where she lashed out the ones who claim to be humanists. She wrote “No one with ‘Humanist’ in bio is condemning murder of Kishan. This proves Kishan was not human. Selective humanity of woke activists…”.

An unfortunate incident took place in Gujarat. Kishan Bharwad, a Hindu boy who was only 27 years old was brutally killed by Muslims only because he shared a facebook post which was considered blasphemous by Muslim community. For sharing the post, he was arrested and moreover he apologized for his actions but still it was not enough for the muslims.Kishan Bharwad, a 27 year old boy who has a month-old daughter was murdered by Shabbir, Imtiyaz, and Maulana Ayyub.Till now 3 men arrested for the murder of Kishan Bharwad in Gujarat’s Dhandhuka. Cleric Maulana, is the one who motivated the other two to murder Kishan. He preaches murder for blasphemy & also provided weapons to kill Kishan. Maulana provided revolver and 5 bullets to kill the hindu boy.Accused said they killed Kishan for hurting religious sentiments.

This unfortunate incident took place in Dhandhuka district of Ahmedabad. When Kishan Bharwad was on his way home in his two wheeler, two bikers came and shot at him and he died on the spot. Kishan Bharwad shared a video in which, the picture of mohammad was being shown. The whole video had a message that “Jesus and Mohammad are not the actual god but ,the son and the messanger of God respectively. But Bhagwan Shri Krishna is the Supreme God.” This video was found blasphemous by the muslim community and because Islam justifies killing for blasphemy, Kishan Bharwad was killed.

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