In a couple of days, 2020 will leave us with its trail of traumatic memories of disease pain and death to the World. The elusive struggle for life happiness and well-being will be the summary of the year 2020.

Yet Sanatan whose literal meaning is Perpetual, Everlasting has remained too full of joy, pleasure and optimism all along this humane suffering.  Not chained by Time and not destroyed by challenges, the optimism and progress has always been the essence of a Sanatani life. No wonder, Sanatani are known to have cut and carved a mountain to make a delicate lively Statue.

Inspired by such an insurmountable spirit of life, a Commentary of one small page in the history about Sanatani life in the State of Utter Pradesh happening in the year 2020 will reaffirm this truth. The hard work of today is going to embolden and motivate billions of humanity across the world tomorrow. Yes our Sacred Pilgrim center had been given a great facelift. The years of neglect and dilapidation has been reverted to reconstruction.

  1. Kashi is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the Planet Earth. It is the City of Lord Shiva. The feared God who could be the cause of destruction and can swallow Poison (Neelkanth) for welfare and protection of humanity as well. The Great City on earth witnessed the discovery and renovation of its Kashi Vishwanath Temple corridor in 2020. It was a Bhagirath effort. The rebuilding of adjoining Ganga Ghat for the visitors and worshippers has facilitated the restoration of the grandeur of Hindu civilization.
  2. Ayodhya the literal meaning “which was never won” so true to its meaning. It had experienced and exposed the lie, deception and fraudulence of Melecha in reclaiming its iconic Lord Rama Birth place. World humanity if profess love, brotherhood and justice, it would return to Lord Ram fold one day.
  3. Mathura: – The Sheet of Krishna Avatar and city full of life and beauty. The Mathura alongside Gokul and Vrindavan is emerging as the undisputed center of international attention. The Philosophy of Bhagwat Puran and Chanting of Couplets from Epic Gita is reverberating the atmosphere.
  4. Prayaag: – A Junction of Three sacred rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarswati holds the sanctity and lively life of Sanatan culture.  A dip in the “Triveni Sangam” can relieve one of his Sin and secure his penitence. Those who left the Sanatani faith out of fear or favor will look up to this “Sangam” for all introspection and return to the original belief in days to come.

The present Chief Minister Sh Yogi Adityanath under the guidance of visionary PM Sh Narendra Modi has made this remarkable achievement possible. The four cities are now getting redesigned redeveloped through various projects of the Government. Huge infrastructure, last mile Transport connective, Electronic Network of communication, drainage system and Ecological development have been awarded to these four places on priority. Trade and commerce enabled through religious tourism will be adding huge prosperity to these centers. Not only the cities but the adjoining semi urban and Village is also getting a facelift following investment in agricultural and cottage Industry. Tourism alone is set to change the landscape in days to come. The four city is expected to attract a minimum 5 cr extra pilgrim per year in years to come and imagine the economic activities and commerce it would add to the citizens of these four places and surroundings.

Centuries to come, the four centers of religious importance for a Sanatani life will reinvigorate the concept of Vedic value. Sanctity and self-esteem of religious Hindu is second to None. Education and philosophy should emanate and guide the world to exit despair and pessimism.

Ram Rajya is a concept of Governance in Life. When the acquired materialism of humane life would bring pain to humanity and when life would aspire to get rid of sorrow, pain and pessimism, Humanity would look up to Life and Happiness of Ram Rajya.

The Present idea of reinstalling grandeur to these four sacred religious institutions at Kashi, Ayodhya, Mathura and Prayaag is set to serve the humanity world over and forever.

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