There have been media reports saying where Sanjay Singh of AAP and Akhilesh Yadav of SP have alleged the Ram Mandir Trust of Money laundering where a land worth Rs2 cr was purchased for Rs18.5 cr. The Land is adjacent to the land where the temple is supposed to stand.

Let us understand the fact behind it.

One Kusum Pathak makes a legal agreement with two real estate agents named Sultan Ansari and Ravi Mohan Tiwari several years back to sell the land for 2 crores. After the SC judgment the land prices all over Ajodhya and even outside Ajodhya skyrocketed. And that’s natural. The market value of the land now has become Rs 20cr. When the Ram Mandir Trust needed the land, the trust approached Sultan Ansari and Ravi Mohan Tiwari.

Sultan Ansari and Ravi Mohan Tiwari purchased the land from Kusum Pathak at Rs. 2cr as per the agreement signed several years back and sold it at a discounted price of Rs 18.5 Cr(instead of Rs. 20cr) owing to their devotion to Lord Ram.

Where does the money laundering lie? I would make the below points:

  1. Say if I speculate that the share price of a company will rise and purchase the shares and sell it at a massive profit when the prices go up, is that a corruption?
  2. AAP and SP are anti Hindu parties and never wanted the Ram Temple in Ajodhya.
  3. Why do they think that every other person is an Oxygen Black marketer or ration mafia like Kejriwal?
  4. By doing such gimmicks, you are losing the trust of the people and if you speak truth tomorrow no one will trust you.
  5. These nepotistic politicians are thinking that the people of the nation are donkeys and be fooled just as you could do 50 years back. Those days are gone.

It is important that all Hindus should unite for the cause of Lord Ram and Mata Sita and destroy the nefarious design of the anti Hindu traitors.

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