Yet another case of spine chilling murder by TMC goons of BJP leader Mithun Bagdi, Vice- President of Khayrashol Grameen Mandal in Birbhum district, West Bengal has come to light on Saturday. As per reports Mithun was very critically injured when TMC goons brutally attacked him, he succumbed to death even before he was rushed to the hospital.

The bloodbath and incessant murders, rapes, arson and destruction of property by TMC cadres continue unabated since 2nd May, the day assembly results were declared giving the TMC a huge victory. The total number of deaths of BJP workers till now has reached to 38, i.e. a murder a day since May 2nd.

In fact as Hindu activist Divya Kumar Soti puts it, murders and mayhem in Bengal may have already exceeded the casualties in Maoist infested areas. He further points out the apathy of the mainstream media over covering Bengal killings by saying that more people have been killed in Bengal since June 2 than in Kashmir, yet this news hardly ever makes its presence in mainstream narrative.

The national and international media, human rights activists, civil society at large and even the Courts do not seem to be much bothered about the ongoing genocide of Hindus in Bengal parallel to none other than during the Partition time in 1946-47.

BJP West Bengal President says that until now 166 BJP workers have been killed by the TMC in the last five years in West Bengal. Scores of women have been gang-raped as punishment for being either BJP workers themselves or having relatives in the party.

Around 1 lakh people have been left homeless and thousands have gone across to neighbouring state Assam’s border district Dhubri to seek refuge and save their lives along with hundreds of women and children. As Hindus are at the receiving end of this mayhem and genocide in Bengal today like in Kashmir during 1989-90, no Constitutional authority nor any major national body has condemned the massacre and asked for an accountability for the ruling party sponsored pogrom.

Hindus would continue to die and become refugees in their own country till they do not realise the writing on the wall and prepare themselves mentally and physically to defend themselves as the state is blind to the plight of Hindus and has miserably failed to ensure their safety time and again.

News input : India TV. Image source: Twitter

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