The Aluva, Ernakulam district residents were surprised by the Union Christian College’s (UC College) Centennial Vista 2022 celebrations after learning that they were an openly anti-Hindu event. They displayed anti-Hindu installations and referred to them as “pieces of art.” When one of these exhibits offended Hindu religious feelings, there was a lot of backlashes, but the college administration tried to avoid scrutiny by blaming the students.

According to reports, the incident in which the constitution with a photo of Dr. Ambedkar was placed on a chair over Hindu religious texts like Thirukkural, Srimad Bhagavatam, and Shiva Purana was done on purpose to offend Hindus. Other holy texts like the Bible and Quran were conspicuously absent from the so-called art. Was the artwork aiming to bypass these Abrahamic texts by doing this? Was the artwork attempting to show that these Abrahamic writings are superior to the US Constitution and laws by omitting them?

Significant criticism was leveled at the placement of the sacred texts—which Hindu believers view with great devotion and faith—on the ground with a chair sitting on top of them. To make matters worse, they displayed their anti-Hindu artwork in a gloomy, seedy environment. Many well-known citizens spoke out against this incident which offended Hindu sentiment.

Image credit: J Nandakumar on Twitter

College administrators requested a “explanation” from the Malayalam department that created the stunt after receiving harsh criticism. The Malayalam department declined to accept blame and demanded that the students who made the artwork respond to the grave accusations.

According to a college administrator, students erected the contentious artwork to highlight how the Bharatiya Constitution held the highest position while omitting to explain why other religions’ holy books were missing. This demonstrated that the leftist students and their Christian organisers were aware of the dangers associated with disparaging other religious texts.

Then, in an effort to explain the incident, college authorities published a brazen statement saying, ”

“As part of the centenary celebrations of Aluva UC College, a mega exhibition called Centennial Vista 2022 was held from November 7 to 12. It has been noticed that various discussions are going on through social media regarding artwork prepared by the Malayalam department in the exhibition. We asked the students who created the artwork and the Malayalam section to explain.

“UC College is an institution that attaches great importance to secular values. The college respects all religious thoughts and scriptures. The installation, presented as a work of art, is understood to have offended religious sentiments. UC College sincerely regrets the serious hurt caused by the negligence of a few students in preparing the installation. In this regard, further investigation and necessary follow-up action will be taken.”

The “apology” from the principal seemed more like a rationalisation than an admission of wrongdoing. Hindus noted that after being offended in their religious beliefs, the least they might have hoped for was a secularism lesson. This note tried to cover up the crime rather than expel the people who committed this egregiously disrespectful sacrilege from the college.

Not a single Hindu student voiced any objections during the weeklong exhibition’s hundreds of visitors. Only after some helpless kids decided they could take no more, did they share the pictures to social media. That kind of oppression is used by Christian missionary institutions and colleges to maintain control over their Hindu students. Had they produced a piece of art by placing Bibles and Qurans all over the place, they could have easily rusticated Hindu students.

According to some reports, the college administrator described this anti-Hindu hatred as a “protest by the downtrodden against upper-caste tyranny.” These serious accusations highlight the divide-and-rule strategy used by the British to oppress Hindus. Kerala’s communist secularism is the perfect environment for such bigots to flourish. The celebrations were held to mark the institution’s 100th anniversary and the year it was founded in 1921.

A group of people from the Church of South India, the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, and the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church govern UC College. It is common knowledge that Catholics think they are better than Syrian Christians. Different Christian cults compete with one another and discriminate against one another to the point where they forbid inter-caste unions and even fight over churches and graveyards. Instead of using deceptive tactics against Hindus,

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