It is quite appalling that the Supreme Court and the Central Government both allowed the nefarious Tractor Rally in Delhi, which has plunged the capital into supreme chaos and mayhem on 26th January ironically marking the 72nd anniversary of the commencement of the Constitution Of India and India’s declaration as a Democratic Republic.

The Constitution of India guarantees of right to freedom of expression, free speech, freedom to assemble peaceably, freedom to protest are not unfettered. They are subject to morality, maintenance of law and order, and cannot violate the safety and security of the nation.

It was in public knowledge that Sikhs For Justice a banned Khalistani outfit had announced a reward of USD 2,50,000 for clambering on to the Red Fort at Delhi to yank out the Indian Tri-colour and replace it with the terrorist Khalistani flag on 26 th January when the country celebrates the Republic Day.

The Khalistanis true to their word created mayhem and anarchy in the capital city by damaging public property, openly coming out with their swords and attacking the police personnel including police women torching vehicles. Not just this the Home Ministry seems to have instructed the Delhi police to not quell open violence by just trying to pacify the armed and violent terrorists instead of using commensurate force to bring the situation under control.

In a terrible embarrassment to the strong decisive leader image of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, the Khalistanis managed to clamber up the domes of the Red Fort and hoist the Khalistani Flags. The central government cuts a very sorry face and comes off as a weak government with no will power to tackle blackmail of terrorists and anarchists by playing to the gallery. It is specially hurtful to see the Tri-colour being disrespected when scores of soldiers die even today at the borders to protect its dignity.

The deadly Khalistani movement from 1981 to 1995 backed by the terror exporting state of Pakistan which took lives of thousands of Hindu men, women and children who were bombed to pieces unsuspectingly in bazars, buses, streets and markets in Punjab with an aim to drive them away from Punjab and break it away from the Indian Union. It also cost India the life of its sitting Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi who had ordered to take out terrorist Bindranwale who had held pilgrims hostage in the revered Golden Temple at Amritsar.

The Khalistani terrorists were also responsible for triggering the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination by her own Sikh guard, which was gross betrayal of trust and completely against the teachings of the pious Sikh Gurus.

It is flabbergasting that The Centre acceded to suspend the new Farm Bills for 1.5 years as an offer to appease the fake Khalistani-Jihadi-Naxal sponsored protest by farmers. The Khalistani-Jihadi-Naxals tasted blood by this act of the central government which was a virtual surrender to the mob rule and the secessionist forces behind this fake Farmer’s Agitation.

The Khalistani elements had openly stated during the so-called protests nearly a month back in Hindi, “Delhi to hamare liye kuch bhi nahi hain. Indira ko thok diye, Modi ke chathi me gadenge” translated in English as , “Delhi is an easy game for us. We had taken out Indira earlier, we will strike Modi in his heart”.

Despite these open warnings instead of taking strong measures to clear out promotion anti-nationalism and terrorism under the ruse of protest against a beneficial legislation which would reform agriculture sector in India and drastically improve the living standards of small and marginal farmers; the centre did the opposite by mollycoddling mob rule and appeasing terror.

Just when we thought India is past the Manmohan Singh pusillanimous era, we are staring at Khalistani terrorist attack on Delhi under the garb of “Peaceful Farmers Protest”

With the helpless Delhi Police without orders to take strict riot measures to deal with Khalistani terrorists, they were mauled by the rampaging Khalistanis, which is a shame for any civilized democratic nation. Why was the mob allowed to enter Delhi in the first place? Why did the central government look towrds the Supreme Court for doing its executive duty? India did not vote the Supreme Court to govern this country, India voted for Modi not to see the same specter of jihadi-Khalistani-Naxal terrorism under Manmohan Singh. Bending over backwards to the mob emboldens the terrorists.

Moreover, the same BJP government did not even think twice before shooting at followers of controversial Godman Ram Rahim and openly fired at them when they were rioting, leaving at least 28 dead, the same action openly firing at protesting Hindus in Munger recently resulted in a young man’s death and several other maimed. So, the government in the past has shot at less violent and harmful protests than what we see today in the streets of Delhi under the garb of farmers protest. So, is the Modi government trigger happy on protestors for Hindu cause and very afraid to deal with the real terrorists?

Today, Modi supporters who dislike Sonia Maino’s Congress for its appeasement to terrorist forces, sorely miss Indira Gandhi who had acted decisively to crush Khalistani terrorism. The calls of Jai Shri Ram has to be practiced on the ground Modi ji, for a Ram Rajya is impossible without using the “Dhanush” which adorns Bhagwan Ram!

Jai Shri Ram!

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