Nawab Malik is continuously attacking and threatening honest NCB officer Sameer Wankhede but are these threatening statements only being made for SRK’s son for is there any other reason being them?

Everyone needs to have a look 10 months ago, into the month of October. Nawab Malik’s son-in-Law, Sameer Khan, was arrested on Jan 2021 by Sameer Wankhede in Drug case. NCB made a very strong case against Nawab Malik’s son in law Nawab Malik. Khan got bail after 8 months.This might be one of the major reasons why Nawab Mailk is continuously attacking Sameer Wankhede and his family.

Sitting Minister in Maharashtra, Nawab Malik of NCP political party threatens NCB officer Sameer Wankhede to watch out what happens to him post retirement next year. Nawab Malik threatened Sameer Wankhede that he will be jailed and thrown out of his job in one year” but noone seems to be talking about this perversity. Nawab Malik of NCP also accused Sameer Wankhede of extortion. Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik accused and threathened Sameer Wankhede by saying “They(opposition party) have a puppet-Wankhede. He raises bogus cases against people. I challenge that Wankhede that he’ll lose his job within a yr. You came to jail us,people of this nation won’t be silent without seeing you behind bars. We have evidence of bogus cases”. Nawab Malik further added ” Tell us who your father is, the one who is putting pressure? Nawab Malik isn’t going to be scared of anyone’s father whatever pressure you may try to put on me. I won’t stop until I put you in jail, I’d like to make this clear today “. In response to this Sameer Wankhede said Personal attacks being made on us in the past 15 days, attacks are being made on my deceased mother, sister and retired father. I strongly condemn this. He also said that he might send a legal notice to Nawab Malik for this. Lashing out Nawab Malik , sister of Sameer Wankhede said ” This honest officer, who is my brother, is cleaning the state. Why does Nawab Malik have a problem. His own area, where drugs were freely there, is getting cleaned out. He should be happy and felicitating him”.

While NCB is on a stern cleanliness drive, Miya Nawab Malik is trying hard to push Indian youth in drugs by advocating hard for drug peddler. How low can NCP get to protect Aryan Khan, the son of Sharukh Khan. Are they trying to get back the era of 90s where Dawood Ibrahim ruled and law and order dig down.

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