The leftists have a vice like grip over the country’s academia, media, art, theatre, cinema and cultural organisations ever since independence thanks to the anti-Hindu framework and ideology imposed by the first Prime Minister Of India, Jawaharlal Nehru and his dynasty ruling the nation as their personal fiefdom. Their strangle hold is so complete that anyone who dares to disagree with them and does not ascribe to their murderous class war ideology imported from the west, are left jobless in the field of academia, media, cinema, art and culture.

Even after the BJP led by PM Modi coming to power the shots are called by these anarchists with no political capital in democratic elections, resort to violent protests against beneficial policies for development and the marginalised sections like the riotous protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the new Farm Laws.

The latest victim of Left Fascism is theatre artist Koushik Kar who dared to join the BJP against the leftist dictatorship of subscribing to a political view imposed by them. As soon as Koushik Kar joined the BJP in West Bengal, he realised to his horror that he has been unceremoniously thrown out from his theatre group by the group’s director, Saurav Palodhi who asked him ‘to get lost’.

Palodhi even proudly put out a post saying, he has no problems of being called intolerant for his act of sacking Kar from the play. Kar called his removal an act of ‘Left-wing Fascism’. Kar also added that his political views and affiliations does not have anything to do with his performance as an artist. This dictatorial and Fascist decision of Palodhi was supported by all theatre personalities associated with the Left. Debesh Chattopadhyay, another theatre director from the left cabal, came in support of Palodhi’s draconian decision of dropping Kar. Palodhi was working on an adaptation of Utpal Dutt’s play, ‘Ghum Nei’.

Notably, a high voltage election campaign is underway in West Bengal with elections to begin on March 27 over eight phases and the counting of the results slated on May 2nd, 2021.

Political, academic and cultural Fascism is the norm wherever the left claws its way into any organisation or political space with the help of a well connected global left and surprisingly aided by powerful global capitalists who want to dictate terms to any country’s government for economic exploitation.

These powerful global lobbies therefore want to see the back of a strong leadership provided by PM Modi and want corrupt anti-Hindu mindless buffoons to take his place.

The Left world over is the most Fascist ideology which uses democracy to trample democracy and operates as totalitarian systems, whose latest victim is Koushik Kar.

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