Covid-19 feels like a complete NIGHTMARE! You can’t even go outside, like the beach or any restaurant you can think of! I mean every American goes outside to say BLACK LIVES MATER! I mean half the people could get covid but they just want justice for George Floyd.

I feel bored at home because you can’t go outside to the beach or any restaurant. They are open but I just don’t want to get COVID is my main point. Those people who go outside to the beach are SAVAGES! There are a bunch of people who go to the beach who should rather stay at home and be safe.

I’m so thankful that I have a brother or else I would have the WORST LIFE! It’s so boring at home if you don’t have sibling it’s like the worst life during COVID. It’s also fun to spend time with family, like watch a movie, play cards, play board games, play basketball, play table tennis, play badminton and, play volleyball. I have a great brother, but he can be annoying sometimes.

My parents have been the same as my brother they maybe different. My parents have been great during COVID here is why they have been great. They got me a basketball hoop and 3 balls one is green the other one is blue and the last one is the real basketball that the players play with. they also got me a new bike because the old one got a hole in one of tires. 2-3 days ago the new bikes chain came off.I was like wow.

This COVID will probably end in like October. COVID has made it the worst nightmare of my life. But it was kind of fun because I got new stuff. And that is how COVID is in the USA for me.

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